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Among puritan Christians in the 1840s, many believed that material disease was due to material sin. You do bad things and you get sick.

This eventually morphed into the idea that spiritual disease is therefore caused by spiritual sin. I.e. you think bad things, you go insane.

John Harvey Kellogg was an innovator. He sort of blended the two, popularizing a new category; the physiological sin. Eating unhealthy, disrupting the natural balance of the body, is a sin against the natural order of the body as God ordained it, and he punishes us with chronic illness.

His followers were banned from:

Sex, masturbation, all meat, salt, grease, fat, dance, gambling, coffee, tea, alcohol, or warm water of any kind.

why warm water????

Excites the body. JHK considered man’s natural state to be an unfeeling resting neutrality. All biological excitement was a sin.

Yes. The cereal guy. As in Kellogg’s Cereal. That guy.

…. That explains the whole “bland cereal means no sex” idea, to be fair.

Actually incorrect!!!!! His BROTHER was the Kellogg cereal guy – literally took the shitty bland-ass flakes he made with John before John started his own sanitarium (think of the old equivalent of a detox/cleanse luxury spa) and put sugar on them, and thus “Frosted Flakes” were born!!

That’s not correct. Both of them worked at the Battle Creek Sanitarium, which was established in 1866.

John Harvey Kellogg invented Corn Flakes, William Kieth Kellogg was a factory owner and designed the factory process to mass-produce them, and thus held the patent. In 1897 they started the Sanitary Food Corporation.

W.K. Kellogg knew the cereal would be more marketable if they put sugar in it. J.H. Kellogg thought that was a sin. The two had a falling out in 1906 over this, and W.K. split to form the Battle Creek Toasted Corn Flake Company, which later became the Kellogg Company.

Oh thank you for the corrected info!!!

I didn’t read two whole biographies on this enema obsessed weirdo for people to be Slightly Wrong On The Internet About Him.

please @normal-horoscopes expand on that enema thing. u can’t just mention that and not tell us.

John Harvey Kellogg was obsessed with enemas. He was an early proponent of studying gut bacteria. He even worked at the Pasteur Laboratory in Paris for a while.

In 1936, he filed a petition for his invention of improvements to an “irrigating apparatus particularly adaptable for colonic irrigating.”

Basically, he invented a chair that would pump water up your ass at over a gallon a minute, often followed by a half-pint of yogurt.

The irrigator was INCREDIBLY popular, notable people who used the irrigator were the likes of: Amelia Airhart, George Bernard Shaw, J.C. Penny, President William Howard Taft, Thomas Edison, and C.W. Post.

CT I know you didn’t just say that the guy who was afraid of masturbation and warm water made a chair that blasted yogurt up your ass please say sike

He also patented several designs for chastity cages.

If you’re puritanical enough you just loop back around to a freak.