debris and detritus 2021-09-22 10:24:23







This slaps harder than anything the Beetles ever released

This is… the greatest thing…

I’m sitting here, listening to this repeatedly with the biggest case of the music shivers ever. I’m in aural heaven

This might sound stupid but I’m actually crying here.

I’ve had a really hard day, and then I watch this as a silly distraction and I’m suddenly struck by the… the BEAUTY of this, the mix of the ridiculous and the sublime

People from all around the world seeing the same objectively ABSURD thing and choosing not to just laugh or make fun, but join in and make something like this for the sheer joy of community and transformation.

To go “Yes, this is silly. Yes, this is worth something. No, these things do not contradict.”

Humans are the meaning-making animal.

Y’all. That drop at the end. My jaw hit the floor. This is incredible. It’s so beautiful how each person adds just a little bit of themselves and it all comes together… I’m sorry I’m just really emotional