debris and detritus 2023-06-07 09:40:37

Honest question: does anyone NOT snooze tumblr live?

My only impression on it from the times I’ve glanced is that it is…. extremely not the vibe of tumblr. Do I frequent some extremely old school (I think I signed up in like 2009 and never left during any of the great purges) tumblr circles and no longer grok the vibes, or is live some attempt on tumblr’s part to somehow recruit people from other social networks? I can’t see how that might work because even people who don’t frequent tumblr have to know it has a reputation, right?

Maybe I’m just in my little snooze-tumblr-live-every-seven-days bubble, assuming everyone else is doing the same, and further assuming that tumblr staff have some metrics of who is actually looking at/snoozing live, and will eventually scrap it because it’s annoying more people who snooze it every seven days than it is getting traction from people who actually use it.