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It’s wild that back in the day futurists assumed that with increased automation and computers it will enable people to have more free time, but in actuality it just make the capitalists decide to make people do more work for less instead.

Like, “Oh, you did what used to be a week’s worth of work in a few hours? Then you can gets months of work done in an entire week! Make more money for me faster, hooray!“.

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Tonight in ‘reddit headines that made me laugh’

I like in the comments some people are like “well, obviously people are getting body mods and who wouldn’t choose to make themselves hot?” and it’s like.


If we’re living in the cyberpunk dystopia and I’m getting myself modded up I’m not going to go for “sexy kewpie doll.” I’m going to have myself turned into like, a 7-foot tall monstrosity with Doc Ock arms and laser eyes.  Look, I don’t care if some extra bulk has to be added around my midsection to support the infrastructure, I could give a shit about my waist-to-hip ratio, I just want to be able to scale walls, snatch helicopters out of the sky and throw them at Jeff Bezos.

cyberpunk future where society is divided between supermodel/anime esque exaggerations of the idealised human form, and inhuman utilitarian agglomerations of cables and lights and technology. 

ah yes the two genders, ‘kpop star’ and ‘tank’