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Tumblr deleted my long ass rant while I was in the middle of writing it so you’re spared and will only get a summed up version

Long story short; your abs are supposed to be covered with a healthy, protective layer of fat. The shape Jason Momoa is in during his movies is achieved by a diet designed to lower his body fat to unhealthy numbers, dehydrating him and enhancing his abs with make up. This is what ripped, muscular, healthy person looks like on their off time. If you think this is a dad bod, for the love of everything that is holy, shut up and absolutely never comment on a man’s body ever again. I mean hell, you can still see his damn v-line, what fucking dad bod has that?!

Don’t believe me? Google some bodybuilders who are off their contest diet. The men who literally make a living for having defined muscles. For 360 days a year, they do not look like the way you think they do. During a bodybuilding contest, these men’s body fat is under 7%, they’re dehydeated and covered in fake tan that helps the muscles show up. And it’s literally only for that day, because it’s extremely unhealthy. Same goes for actors who are known for being ripped – they’re at their worst when they’re filming. This exact same shit happened with Vin Diesel few years ago with people getting a paparazzi shot of his “beer belly” and I’m genuinely worried of the young men who grow up in this society thinking being muscular means having defined abs 24/7.

Jason Momoa looks ripped and healthy, yall are just blind with unrealistic standards.

“This is what actors (& models & bodybuilders) do. If you see them with razor cut abs, they have been on a low carb, water-reducing diet to get there. You cannot retain that and be healthy.

When we shot WOLVES, Jason asked me, “Do I have to have abs n’ shit for this?”

I said no.”


David Hayter, director, Wolves

“The wood chopping scene in The Wolverine was all the footage they could get before Hugh Jackman passed out from dehydration. Dehydration and steroids are the big secret behind Hollywood muscle definition.”


My name is Grant‏

“Yeah there was a huge piece a few years ago about the prevalence of doping in the aftermath of Dark Knight (roughly), it became an arms race of every male actor going on roids for definition. Compare Jackman in XMen 1 from 2000 to him in Logan, for example.”


Kuff ‘n’ Klout

“The Hollywood roid phenomenon in one picture”


Kuff ‘n’ Klout‏

“The Guest” movie – 

I like how they call starvation and dehydration a “trick” :)))))))))

I KNOW. Fucking killed me. “There’s this neat trick where we encourage disordered eating and dehydration. That’s what bodies should look like!!! This is the Norm!!”

Wait so that text wasn’t from a criticism of abusive practices?? It was just “here’s how we did this neat-O special effect!!!!!” ???!???

This is the male equivalent of “magazine cover models are all airbrushed and/or starving” and needs to be spread just as much.

The beauty standards of the patriarchy are fucking trash. Jason still looks great. And I hope guys aren’t looking to meet this impossible standard.