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By Jean Jullien.

Visual representation on how we let technology ruin social interactions and pleasant experiences.

Me: *hates this*

why do baby boomers love to produce this “technology is bad fire is scary and thomas edison was a witch” garbage?

fuck THIS

I never see a cashier with an empty queue. Self-serve checkout machines make life GREAT for people with social anxiety or self conscious people. I get nervous that everyone is judging my weight. So when I do my monthly ice-cream, chocolate, and menstrual products run, I will do it with a fucking self-serve machine.

I’m happy seeing my friends take photos of their food. I like taking photos of my food. Because there is a chef in the back of the kitchen who works hard to plate things beautifully and in any other situation, people dive in immediately and ruin that image. We take photos to preserve that image and who the fuck knows, if I was the chef I would be digging through instagram hoping to see my plate on there. We’re celebrating someones hard work, work that is generally temporary.

And I don’t know what kind of friends you have, but if someone is taking a photo of their food, I’m not gonna bother talking to them until they’re done. Why would you try to have a conversation when someone is busy?? And it takes a few minutes, you can wait for someone who wants to perform a small act of creativity.

It’s nice to get likes on instagram. If you’re monogamous and on tinder, it’s not technology’s fault you’re contemplating cheating. What is SO BAD about having food delivered to your home? And is there anything wrong with having movies streaming instantly? No - but if you complain that Netflix takes up your life than be an adult and step back. It’s not technology’s fault that you have no self control.

Selfies are fun. Selfies are great. Your friend is a jerk if they don’t even take a minute to take of photo of you as well. Why do you care if people use technology around you on the subway? That makes me feel less self-conscious that people are staring or judging me. They can play their games, read, etc. Someone is occupied, why is that so wrong?

Your phone has a zoom option so you can record/photograph a concert? FUCKING good for you! 

And again. If your phone keeps you up, be an adult, get some self control and step back. 

Technology isn’t bad. You’re just upset with yourselves for having a lack of self-control. You hate that people connect through technology. And maybe, you just don’t like seeing people love themselves, enjoy life, and feel joy. That’s your problem, not technology’s.

^^^ bang on.

i’ll just leave this here:






fixed some of these

i would have done the rest but my eyes were about to roll out of my head over the clueless hypocrisy and self-congratulatory posturing of digitally illustrating luddite crapola about how baaaad technology is, and then posting it on the internet for people to enjoy it.

artist owned themself harder than any critic could, credit where due

love the edits, love the commentary.

when i go out with my friends, we often have our laptops open on the restaurant table. sometimes we get Looks from waitstaff or other customers at first, and maybe they’re thinking what that cartoonist was thinking, “oh how sad these people are Doing Technology instead of making with the human warmth and bonding!”

a couple hours later, we have the waitress hanging over the back of our booth looking at our screens too, and all of us are talking at once. because the computers are giving us things to talk about, ways to show each other things, ways to go get information and pictures to show each other. the only thing ‘missing’ from our socialization is eye contact, and, well, i’m autistic, ask me if i care. :D

really, if you watch people on their phones or laptops in public, if they’re there with someone, they’re using the tech as part of their interaction. they’re showing each other stuff, or talking about what they’re seeing.

and if they’re there alone, why do you have a problem with them doing a thing? do you hassle people for reading, too? does it upset you when people have headphones on? because i think maybe the problem you have is not the technology. i think maybe the problem you have is “i am uncomfortable when we are not about me.” strangers on the bus don’t have to pay attention to you, jerkass. they’re on the phone with someone they actually like.

and you know… the couple who are sitting next to each other doing different things… what do you want them to be doing instead? having sex? arguing? sometimes i watch a video or read fic on my laptop while seebs is playing a game on his tablet, and we hold hands or play with each other’s hair, and it’s incredibly relaxing. if you think a couple sitting together isn’t bonding, maybe the issue is your approach to relationships.