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antoniotylerlikes: @brucesterling made a great point about…


@brucesterling made a great point about cyberpunk, in which he points out that all the terrible things we’ve done to rats can be done to a person.

Also remember that, once computers are intergrated into humans, everything that can be done to your computer can be done to a person: malware, ransomware, spyware, intrusive ads, forced updates, abandoned support, etc.

All the problems you have with Windows 10 or Android, only now it’s about operating your cyborg body.

Some Daria Quotes that Are Just Too Good™

-If you don’t mind, I’m gonna crawl back into myself now
-That’s funny, I don’t remember worrying about anyone.
-I don’t like to smile unless I have a reason.
-‘Parables of the Way’. I don’t suppose that means the way out.
-Welcome to Lawndale, where style meets substance and says ‘see you’.
-Life goes faster when you’re somewhere else.
-Thanks, but I think I’ll stay here on my-state-of-the-art ass.
-Okay, who wants their frontal lobe removed first?
-Now I understand why there’s pain in painting.
-If we don’t get back, we’ll probably have to drag the body of our history teacher.
-Sure, if it’s lining your coffin.
-School colors? Are you trying to give the public eye conjunctivitis?
– (says to self) Act natural. You’re not hurt.
-But you haven’t even tasted my soufflé
-Don’t worry, she’s clearing overestimating my conscience-assuming I have one at all.
-Dammit. Its my turn to say Dammit.
-Then I’m afraid the fevers reached your brain, and you need to be destroyed.
-The sad part is that these people are officially part of my genetic makeup.