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Floating Stone Wall Residence in Johannesburg

The Westcliff Pavilion by GASS

is a steel-framed pavilion structure located in Johannesburg, South Africa.

From the architects:

This 2 bedroom dwelling, nestled away in its wooded surroundings, is positioned just before the inception of a major sheer face of the Westcliff Ridge.  This affords the building a private, tranquil hiding place in the trees juxtaposed with a feeling of floating above the ridge combined with magnificent views of Johannesburg. 

Steel framing was a natural choice of construction method, as it married the environmental and access requirements to the desired architectural aesthetic. One of the main identifying features that advances this work beyond the scope of a simple modernist box is the floating stone wall. We wanted to continue in this tradition of using indigenous stone in our design and as such, we wanted included a wall made from stone harvested on the site itself.


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