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Hair success story

About a year ago, I met someone on a bus on the Cornell University campus who liked my blue hair, and asked me how I managed to get it such a vibrant color. I referred him to my Technicolor hair how-to and that was the last I heard from him.

Until today.


I met you on the bus and commented about how I wanted to highlight my hair blue. You gave me some advice and told me to let you know how it went so check it out. Attached are a couple pics. I think it went really well, definitely better than I expected. Thanks for your expert opinions :D


p.s. there are bugs in all my pics because these were taken for my entomology portfolio ^_^ and bugs just rock in general

I thought this was cool, so I asked for (and received) permission to share it here.

As you may be aware, I have recently reacquired purple hair:

Since my hair had previously been died black, and I’ve learn from past bleach-related mistakes, I took my own advice and got my friend Beth Ramsey at Chou Chou to do the damage. She did it beautifully.

p.s. Bugs DO rock in general.

This is the best disturbing tattoo idea ever. Do want. Do not…

This is the best disturbing tattoo idea ever. Do want. Do not want to copy :(


I used to regularly sit behind a girl named Laura in one of my first year lecture classes. Laura had a miniature version of this tattooed on her neck. When she looked down to write the eye would give me a wide eyed stare, and when she looked up at the lecturer it would fix me with a menacing squint.