*gasp!* Recent photos for December!

I know that my last ‘recent photos’ post was in July. My only real excuse is that I’ve moved across a continent since then, and have, for the most part, had way too many things related to that going on to pursue my photography habit to any real extent.

LAME, I know. If anything, moving across the country should have given me many more things to take pictures of! And it probably did. But I was too lame to take many pictures of them. :)

ANYWAY, believe it or not I have actually taken some photos during the last few months, just not frequently enough to warrant posting about it. They have all been noted in my changelog and posted to flickr though, if you are interested.

I am going to try harder though. I’ve thrown good money at this problem, so expect it to get better. Any. Time. Now.

So without further ado, here are some of my favorite photos I’ve taken in the last week. With my old camera, even. See! I’m doing better already!

Peacock Lane

There is a street in Portland where the residents have no choice but to annually surrender their neighborhood to possession by the holiday spirit. This street is… Peacock Lane.

Untitled Untitled IMG_3887 IMG_3903

PDX Image Makers’ 2010 Holiday Photo Walk

To further encourage my photography endeavors, I have joined a(nother) local photography meetup: Portland Image Makers. There was a downtown holiday photo walk last week. It was cold.

Untitled IMG_3970 IMG_4010 IMG_4015 Untitled IMG_4084 IMG_4096 IMG_4122