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Modern life and the annihilation of happiness

Or, how day jobs requiring little or no creative input make us feel like nothing more than commodities to be one day tossed aside, how marketing swallows your soul, how happiness should come from creating instead of purchasing, how sadness is a necessary part of happiness, and how social interaction is inherently fraudulent.

This articulates my ennui very eloquently.

Via Clayton Cubitt, who says:

The MIke Wallace Interview, late 50s, Erich Fromm

Fromm talks about the need for creativity in work, the dehumanizing effects of widget-pushing, the futility of consumption for consumption’s sake, and sadness as part of normal happiness.

Can you imagine this being broadcast on American television now?


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  • Providing seditious inspiration and nightmare fuel for protohumans:
    Sister: "She dyed her hair blue!"
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