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Infringe this

(Really, though- if you copy this post maybe we can get a nice googlebomb going)

Local web designer Tyler posted something that annoyed me enough to make me want to repeat it.

Some talentless hacks are copying his designs, verbatim, and have the gall to call themselves “web designers”.

Tyler front Nazmul front
Tyler bio Nazmul bio
Tyler work Nazmul work

I know the designs are fab, but really, shouldn’t you use them as an opportunity to learn from, and maybe attempt to improve upon them, especially if this is something you want other people to pay you to do?

Just to be clear, Tyler is being much more diplomatic about this, and I am probably more annoyed about it than he is.

Burka, Burka, Blue

I admit I am not very tolerant of some cultures. Specifically, religion-based cultures which insist on treating half the population as little more than (or even less than) slaves.

Despite that, I really like this song.

I need to come to terms with this about myself.

Via VideoSift