Monthly Archives: April 2008

It’s our ranch and it’s our homes

Via jwz, something creepy:

I love how even they don’t seem to believe what they are saying. They sound like robots, or like they are trying to convince themselves: “We can leave anytime we would like to leave; We feel like the most free women in the whole world; We are free! We make our own choices!”

Forklift Driver Klaus

Via Neatorama, the most awesomest training video EVAR. Seriously.

“One doesn’t even need to be handy in order to fix this.”
Oh, yeah!!! Shit just got real!!!!

I find it amazing that there exist places in the world where media like this is considered valid instructional technique.

I wish I lived in such a place.

Nom nom nom… chicken!

Back in September, I took up a more vegetarian diet and stopped eating poultry.

Well, I’ve started again.

Why? ‘Cuz I’m lame, obviously.

What? That’s not reason enough for you? Needy. Well, besides my intrinsic lameness, for the past few weeks I’ve found I was craving various poultryesque things on occasion (Chicken Tikka Masala, Turkey, Cluck-U, etc.). I figure that means either I’m not getting enough of some essential nutrient readily available in poultry (don’t laugh, it’s happened before), or I just really like chicken and my life will be less happy without it. Either way, I’ll probably be better off if I just go with it.

I’ll try to practice moderation, though as I learned yesterday I really have very little option sometimes, especially when going to a chinese buffet.

I still have no intention of eating mammals. Besides the fact that I never missed the taste of them in the slightest; I also feel that as a whole the practice of raising them for food is much more cruel to the animals and wasteful to the environment.

Of course, I still don’t give a rat’s ass what you do.