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I want a monster to be my friend.

I want a monster to be my playmate.
I want a monster to be my friend.
I want to get, for my own pet,
A real live monster who is not pretend.

I want a monster to be my playmate.
We’d soon become good friends because,
Although they’re hairy, and sometimes scary,
They have such soft and furry paws!

If I make friends with a friendly monster,
I’ll let him bounce me on his knee.
I’ll let him do whatever he wants ta,
Especially if he’s bigger than me.

Really, that sounds sorta nice. Of course, I’m way too old for Sesame Street.

Via videosift.

Blacksun Festival IV

This past weekend some friends and I ventured out to New Haven for this year’s Blacksun Festival. Again, I have lots of pictures.

The trip was possibly more fun this time around on account of Peter and I having more friends there; both other people we know from upstate NY and people we remembered from the last festival.

The festival itself, on the other hand, just didn’t seem as good as last year’s. While last year they had a good variety of music, some of which I was more interested in than the rest, this year it was almost all EBM, which isn’t generally my thing. Of course, it’s popular amongst the kids these days, so I guess they do whatever pleases their target demographic; but I really preferred the variety of last year- while it’s likely no one was pleased with everything, there’s a good chance everyone could find something to get really excited about.

Another problem I had this year was that holding the festival in a more frigid season meant that we had more issues with annoying weather and coat checks, meaning that wandering between places seemed much less appealing than last year. We may have wandered more and found more entertaining diversions at certain times had doing so seemed like less of a chore. Apparently they changed the timing of the event to make it easier for European bands to make it (so as not to conflict with the big European festivals), but given what I’ve already said about the music you can probably guess how I feel about that!

As for the non-musical diversions, the ever popular photo safari was back (this year I only modeled in one of the sessions, but I did get some great shots from both days [despite having to leave early on Sunday and missing out on graveyard hyjinx]), and they also had a new crypt tour (yay for hanging out in a cemetery with a bunch of goths!) where we got to learn about all the bodies buried beneath New Haven. The vendor hall was back (albeit smaller) and so were the panels (though the steampunk one wasn’t really what I expected).

Still, Sunday’s festivities seemed to disperse quicker than last year, and the survivor’s breakfast on Monday morning wasn’t publicized as an official event (a few of use still met up, but it was only about ten as opposed to last year’s near 50). We still did some good networking, but without any official plans it may have made more sense to leave Sunday evening rather than stay through Monday.

Oh well, they did only have a few months of planning between Blacksun III and IV; I have hopes that given a full year (hopefully) before the next one, they’ll get all the kinks sorted out!

Friday Five, 2008.03.07

Here’s this weeks five:

  1. What song would you sing to your newborn child? (OR if you already had a child, which song did you sing to him/her?)
    Voltaire – Goodnight Demonslayer
  2. How do you think animals think? (i.e. in animal language, human language, etc.)
    It depends on the animal, I think. For people, as well as apes and birds that have been taught language, it’s likely they think in that language; for animals without a complex language (i.e., one without nouns), it’s probably more along the lines of ideas like “Ooh, shiny thing == food?” and “Itchy == scratch!”.
  3. As a child, did you have a dream to make a difference in the world? Can you describe your dream?
    Not really a coherent dream, no; though I remember thinking around the time I was in preschool that sacrificing myself for the good of the world would be a nice thing to do.
  4. Do you believe in God/a Higher Being?
    Other than the Invisible Pink Unicorn (may her hooves never be shod!), no.
  5. Do you believe in aliens?
    As in, extraterrestrial life? Of course! I believe it would be naive to think we are alone in the universe (it’s a very big place.).

    As in secret visitors or overlords? Not so much. I have a feeling that any alien life intelligent enough for interstellar travel would have better things to do than anally rape drunken rednecks.