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Almost nobody dances sober, unless they happen to be insane.

This is the green-screen recording for the music video of Weird Al’s White and Nerdy, and it’s hilarious. Apparently, it’s also quite old. Well, it was new to me, and to the friends I shewed it to last night, so it can’t be that old.

It gave me a newfound respect for Weird Al, who I haven’t paid attention to in years (but now seems both younger and cooler without his mustache), and for Donny Osmond, who I was mostly unfamiliar with (but the quality of not taking oneself too seriously is something I admire greatly – just ask the people who saw me trying to imitate this dance at Nekropolis last night).

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Rabbit: a psychopathic children’s allegory for greed

I love surreal youtube animations. This one is no exception. Certainly, the fact that the children involved appear to be murderous little mutants doesn’t hurt :)

A surreal short film by Run Wrake presenting an allegory about human greed. Artistically, the film is modeled after early 20th Century children’s early readers. 8 minutes, 20 seconds long.

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Cannibal! The quiz!

This is partly for Peter, who is hellbent on cannibalizing me.

I think the mostly vegetarian diet I’ve been keeping as of late has hindered my chances of being a better cannibal.

Honestly though, you do what you have to do to survive. Also, I’m often up for exciting new culinary experiences (for instance, pig’s blood pancakes)! Within reason, of course- some things are just disgusting.

I think the quiz overemphasizes strength as I find it unlikely that friends would jump at each other with forks and knives if all parties involved were alive and well. Instead, the survivors would probably cannibalize the first to starve (probably the ones with the most muscle and least fat), which should hold them over for a while.

Ironically, the topic of Cannibal! The Musical (based on a true story) came up just the other day. Good movie :)

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Creature Feature!!! And some other bands.

Last night in Buffalo I finally got to see Creature Feature in concert! It seems like I’ve been waiting to see them forever, but in actuality it’s only been a year. (Unfortunately there was no Forbidden Zone involved, but there was some other cool stuff.) I have pictures.

Their music sounded different in person- with less synth and more guitar. Of course, since I’m not sure that the version of their album I have is the same as what’s being sold in stores (as I bought mine a good seven months before the other one was released) maybe that’s what everyone else is familiar with. No matter, it was still awesome, and possibly even better, that way.

They weren’t the main attraction and still aren’t widely known, so I don’t think they were expecting many of their fans (all seven of us) to show up. They seemed happy to see me, as I was a dork and showed up in one of their t-shirts (one with “fonts stolen from the Internet” that’s no longer available, yet cooler than their current merch offerings). Marco chatted with Erik some, trying to get them to come out to Sillycuse, and introduced me as their biggest fan (which I cannot verify). Peter, Sarah, and I each got autographed posters.

Also in attendance were Schoolyard Heroes, who rocked wonderfully, and The Birthday Massacre, whom I always seem less excited about than everyone else I know. Oh, well. It was a fun night, anyway :)

Creature Feature is coming to Rochester on March 2. Anyone else interested in going?

Target acquired…

Disco 4 the Dead
Since a friend on IRC directed me to it as something I might like a few years ago, I’ve been feverishly (well, frequently, at least) searching for my very own copy of Disco 4 the Dead.

After much effort, I gave up hopes of ever finding a website or an auction which sold it. I told Amazon I’d be willing to pay more cash money than the thing is technically worth, should anyone ever put it up on the marketplace, and moved on with my life.

Today, someone decided to sell their copy, and all they wanted was $14.99. Obviously, they just listed it without being aware of what a rare find it is, and that they could have easily gotten three times that price. :)

Amazon automatically ordered it for me, and soon it shall be mine!


Doublesquee! I got the Boneshaker single with it for an additional $8! w007!


Eraserhead I’m sorry, but once you have kids, you stop being cool. Really.

The sooner you accept this, the happier you’ll be. If you wait until your kids grow to be teenagers and forcibly prove it to you, the shock may destroy you.


Vampire bees!

I was watching the 1931 (Bela Lugosi) Dracula last night when I noticed something I had apparently forgotten from previous viewings… a vampire bee, climbing out of a tiny coffin!

Vampire Bee

Surprisingly, a google search for ‘dracula “vampire bee”‘ returns very few relevant results. The closest thing to information about this I can find is a small quote within a larger review:

Surprisingly, there are touches of humour in the movie. Like when, in one of the first scenes in the castle, the miniature coffin of a vampire bee opens up just after sunset, together with Dracula and his wives’ coffins.

The unfame of the bee is unforgivable. I insist that someone starts a bee-cult, post-haste!

This is our future

This teenage McDonald’s worker gave birth suddenly at work, and wasn’t even aware that she was pregnant.

At first you might wonder how someone could carry a pregnancy to term without noticing any of the little biological hints it entails. If that is case, let me point you to her vacant gaze and slack-jawed expression and remind you that the average I.Q. is only 100, making the average human only slightly more intelligent than a parrot. (Happicow says I don’t give humans enough credit, and that an I.Q. of 100 is plenty- I, on the other hand, think that I may not be giving parrots enough credit, and that an I.Q. of 100 is barely enough to master tying one’s shoes, and probably not enough to master reading.)

On the bright side, now that she’s gotten the first one out of the way, the rest will surely come much easier! She probably won’t have many other options, what with the kid destroying any chance she may have had at having a life. And just think how many children, grandchildren, and possibly great-grandchildren she’ll have before some of us have a chance to produce any!

The American populace will increase in mass (on account of population and girth) exponentially, and the rest of the planet can do nothing to stop it! And it’s all thanks to abstinence-only education and McDonald’s. Praise Cheese-its, I think this may have been the plan all along! Hallelujah!

Suddenly, I feel like watching Idiocracy.

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