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Last night I saw Grindhouse.

Last night I had the most enjoyable movie theatre going experience of my life (so far).

Please, for the love of all that is fun and gory; see this film. IN THE THEATER. Do not wait for it to come out on DVD: you will miss out on the whole grindhouse experience! I was too young to experience grindhouses back when they still existed, and I figure this is as close as I will likely ever come to that bygone pre Troma video era.

If you profess to enjoy any of: zombie films, Ed Wood, gore, horror, camp, B movies, or a good time; then you are a LIAR if you don’t experience Grindhouse and LIKE IT. Also, I hate you, for hurting cinema, and encouraging studios not to experiment, because experimentation is clearly not profitable.

There’s talk of splitting Grindhouse into it’s component parts and releasing them separately. This is wrong. Part of the whole POINT of the grindhouse is the double (or even triple!) feature! Plus, the trailers. Think of the TRAILERS!

As for the actual films, Planet Terror was a wonderful classic zombie romp, full of violence, gore, military conspiracies, gore, head explosions, gore, comedy, and gore. In my opinion, it is probably the most enjoyable zombie film (aside from the wonderful Shaun of the Dead, of course) since the original Dawn of the Dead. Unlike the rest of the planet, I enjoyed it more than the second feature, Tarantino’s Death Proof. Death Proof was also wonderfully good (save for the boring exposition scene in the middle), with more action and less gore than Planet Terror. Before and between the features, there are also trailers for several hypothetical movies (some of which may actually get made, if the directors have their ways) from such illustrious names as Edgar Wright (of Shaun of the Dead fame) and Rob Zombie.

Don’t wait- go see it as soon as possible. You probably won’t get another chance to experience cinema like this. Unless of course you are the type of person who prefers nothing more interesting than blockbusters and Will Ferrell movies, in which case remind me to not go to the movies with you.

Some things just can’t be passed up…

Yesterday, Andrea informed me that one of our local dollar stores is selling gas masks.

Last night, I bought three. I could only find one left in adult sizes (it fits, and is very stylish), but one of the child sized ones fits on a stuffed Mario I have rather well (making him look much like a cross between a Snifit and an elephant), and I am now in the market (more than before, anyway) for mannequin bits so that I may proudly display the third.