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Masters of Horror: Joe Dante’s Homecoming

Yesterday I saw an intriguing bit of filmtography that, although not particularly horrific, was seemingly tailor made for a very small demographic: liberal Ithacans who also happen to be fans of horrific zombie cinema (basically, me).

If you are displeased angry stark ravingly furious with the current state of the union and really like zombies, check out Joe Dante’s Homecoming. If, on the other hand, you are the type who voted for Bush, don’t bother (unless you want to have your brain destroyed by the blunt force of someone else’s views being bludgeoned into your skull).

Here’s the gist of said movie: the administration opines that if our fallen soldiers could come back and tell us what they thought of the current conflict, they’d certainly continue to support such a noble cause. Well, they do come back, at least the ones who disagree with said cause do (as the rest are presumably at peace in the hereafter).

But no ravenous rotting horde is this! Nay, they have an entirely non brain-devouring mission: to vote!

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The day the music rose from the dead

One day a few months back I mentioned the subject of Buddy Holly to a co-worker, and he told me about the movie Six-String Samurai, which I immediately added to my netflix queue.

Last night it arrived in the mail and I finally got a chance to watch it. Overall, I thought it was a very cool movie, and a very interesting idea. It’s kind of a mixture of Planet of the Apes, The Wizard of Oz, The Warriors, Death Race 2000, and Mad Max, complete with kung fu and a really good soundtrack. It also imparted tons of useful information, such as the fact that the windshear alone on a pink golf ball can decapitate a dwarf at 300 yards, and that all water-soluble villains pirouette as they dissolve.

I have no idea why this movie isn’t a bigger cult classic. I can only hope that it will catch on, eventually…

Later on in the night, happicow and I went to The Haunt for a Crüxshadows concert. As some of you may recall, The Crüxshadows became one of my favorite bands after I saw them live at the end of October 2005 (the last time they came to The Haunt). Since then my love of them has waned and waxed, but they are still one of the best live acts I have ever seen. Happicow seems to like them now, as well :)

Opening for The Crüxshadows were Ayria and Angel Spit, the former of which I’ll have to look for in the future as they were really quite good.

Tonight, happicow and I are heading back to NJ to see Evil Dead: the musical (again, for me) in NYC tomorrow night for possibly the last time- we are catching the very last showing in NYC, and unless something miraculous occurs and the show goes on tour we’ll never get another chance! I’d never be able to forgive myself if I missed the chance to introduce happicow to such a wonderfully comedic musical masterpiece of massacre as this.

Ithaca is (like my heart on Valentine’s Day) a frozen hellscape

We’ve gotten a nontrivial amount of snow in what may one day be known ans the St. Valentine’s Day Blizzard of ’07 (we must be sure to be specific, so as not to confuse it with other St. Valentines Day [or thereabouts] Blizzards).

Pretty much everything in Ithaca has been closed on account of the weather, except Cornell, which is still operating as normal, excepting the fact that only about 20% of Cornell employees actually made it in today.

I’m one of the few, the diligent, the people-who-have-roommates-who-have-jeeps-so-made-it-in-before-nine-despite-the-weather.

I’m also the only one in the web development team to show up today, so I suppose I’m on my own to find something to do.

State of the WoW

Current Characters:

Server Name Race Class Level
Sentinels Latrodecta
(formerly Theda on Emerald Dream)
Undead Rogue 58
Nyshana Blood Elf Hunter 34
Charna Undead Warlock 15
Blackwater Raiders Twizzt Night Elf Hunter 48

The only character I play on these days is Nyshana, because playing a hunter and having a pet is super fun, playing alliance is annoying, and I don’t want to play as a character with tusks (why I never much played a horde hunter before the expansion).

I thought I hated alliance before, but after playing as an alliance character for a nontrivial amount of time I realized that for the most part my hatred was completely justified. The alliance has more stupid players exactly because the alliance has more players. With the recent expansion and the addition of the Blood Elves to the horde side, that stupidity is being spread around some. (<shallow>Still, they are pretty.</shallow>) Perhaps an even better reason to hate alliance: gnomes.

And, for people like Peter who play on one of my computers and become enamored with my addons (or just the curious) here is a list of the addons I’m watching and/or using.