Monthly Archives: December 2006

Evil Dead: The Musical

Last night, I went to see Evil Dead: The Musical on Broadway. Best. Show. EVER.

It combined the plots of the first two movies in probably the best way possible, had great jokes and inside references for the die-hard fans, and had a lead who looked and acted disarmingly like Bruce as Ash. Also, music that was good enough to make me pine for the soundtrack, which was recorded last week and should be available in a month or so.

I want some more.

‘Nuff said.

Happy go lucky

So it’s Xmas, right? And I’m playing WoW as per usual, right (on my alt what is quickly becoming my main, Twizzt [Night Elf Hunter on the Blackwater Raiders server])? And I reach level 40, and only have ~46G to my name, so I’m bein’ all frugal and stuff, right? So I go to the Swamp of Sorrows to do the Dream Dust quest, and within the first half dozen kills what should drop but a Tiny Emerald Whelpling (151 in 212,586 drop rate, sells for hundreds of gold in the AH). Yeah, I think my lack of mount will be short-lived, heh :)

It’s a steal with a low, low opening bid of 100G and a buyout of 250G, if you’re interested (and I know you are!).

Me doin’ something besides playin’ WoW:

Last night, I dragged happicow to a Bella Morte concert at The Haunt.

In lieu of an opening band, they instead premiered A New Low 2 before the show. If you think Viva La Bam is super high-culture, you’d probably dig this film a bunch; but personally I just don’t get the appeal of teabagging or vomiting on your friends.

As for the actual concert, it wasn’t really what I had expected given my previous Bella Morte listening experience. I was expecting gothic rock, and I got punk rock. I got good punk rock, (and I do like punk rock) but it still wasn’t quite what I expected. No matter, it was still interesting going out again for a change.

In other news, I also managed to write out all my Xmas cards (last miinute! wheee!) and finally clean everything dating back to October (and my kickin’ halloween party) off my camera. Enjoy.