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Diary of the Dead update

Anyone who was excited about my last Diary of the Dead post should be ecstatic about this one.

Another tidbit from Bloody Disgusting points us to Flixens, where they have a Diary of the Dead script review. I think the spoiler quotient is surprisingly low- if you didn’t already know that this movie had zombies, people, and a Blair Witch-esque point of view, and if knowing those things bothers you, then you’ve probably already been bothered. Reading the review may bother you more, but probably not too much more.

Probably the happiest news to come from this for me is confirmation of the first-person viewpoint throughout, which is one of the things that so enamores me with the possibilities of this film. The thing that most offends me on the other hand, is ‘Leather Lass’s assertation that Romero always casts terrible actors. I honestly can’t see it, but it’s possible she’s part of the camp that believes that being higher payed actually implies being more highly skilled (for instance, she seems to not object to the casting of Land of the Dead, despite the inclusion of John Leguizamo).

Pluto: Why does everyone care?

It seems that the intertubes at large are having a really good time working themselves into a tizzy over this whole Pluto not a planet thing. Why?

Pluto was really beginning to blend in with all the other largish space junk orbiting the sun, and is really no more interesting than a cool asteroid (some of which once had planet status and had it revoked over 150 years ago [before Pluto was even discovered], proving that this is really nothing new). I think crossing through the orbit of another planet is pretty good disqualification for being a planet, personally.

And anyone who needs a stupid mnemonic to remember the names of the planets (which has now been invalidated, leaving them unable to recall more than “Earth” until someone makes up a new mnemonic for them) probably has bigger things to worry about than there being one less planet (like how hot boiling fry grease is, or how many papers one has to sign when they become president).

Diary of the Dead

From Bloody Disgusting comes word that Romero-san is making another Dead film. It sounds like this one will be rather interesting, too:

With a story mixing elements of “The Blair Witch Project” and the long-running “Dead” series, the film will follow a group of college students shooting a horror movie in the woods who stumble upon a real zombie uprising. When the onslaught begins, they seize the moment as any good film students would, capturing the undead in a “cinema verite” style that causes more than the usual production headaches.

Personally, I really hope that they keep the first-person camera angles from the Blair Witch Project, as that could make for a truly scary zombie movie (a rare thing these days, or maybe I’ve just become desensitized). Of course, chances are that no one will ever be able to use that particularly innovative camera technique again without being accused of unoriginality and sadism (on account of the vomit that theater goers with hypersensitive inner-ear fluids tend to leak). Pity.

I can’t tell from the newsbyte whether this movie will actually be an indy flick or Romero just wants it to be, but I suppose time will tell.

This, plus the recent confirmation of 28 Weeks Later (28 Days Later was not a zombie film, but it was similar, and it was wonderful) is making me start to look forward to new horror movies again, for the first time since remake-plague has struck.

Job change

I’m switching jobs again. Although Spider Graphics was a nice place to work, and getting more so over time as I got to work more and more in Perl and PHP, I still missed the University environment as a whole (though not bioinformatics as a specific) and the opportunities and benefits that Cornell provided.

My new job will be as a PHP hacker at the Cornell Cooperative Extension. Not only do the people I interviewed with seem extremely nice (for instance, not only did they not blink at me wanting to give a full month’s notice at Spider, the new boss also insisted I take a bit of time off as a break between jobs), they also said there’s no problem with me using Linux on my workstation (you’d be surprised how important that seems to me now, after working in a Windows environment for the past 6 months).

I’m really looking forward to it!

Wax in eyes! Get it out! Get it out!

The other day while blowing out a candle, I managed to splatter hot wax into my eyes.

Has anyone else ever had this experience? Probably. Are they reading this? Probably not.

Anyway, it hurt a bunch, but I managed to close my eyes in time so most of it was on my eyelids.

The worst part was picking the solid wax out of my eyelashes.