Monthly Archives: March 2006

Skeletons in a cemetery, who could have imagined?

Yesterday after work I went for a walk in a local cemetery, where I saw this:


Yep, I actually found a largely-intact hunk of skeleton, just sitting there. It was about human-length, so at first I thought that perhaps someone had gotten into some mischief (there were other signs of [minor] vandalism in the cemetery, though nothing so large as exhuming a body), but upon inspection of the girth of the ribcage I concluded that it was possibly a greyhound-shaped dog, or more likely, a smallish deer.

I still think it was there as a result of some mischief (possibly voodoo! wooOOO!) though, as the caretaker lives on the grounds and I find it extremely unlikely that he/she would simply let an animal rot to nothing more than a skeleton on his front lawn (the smell alone during this process would surely cause it to cease).

I nearly took it home to clean and hang up somewhere, though it seemed rather grody, so I wasn’t particularly akin to touching it. Plus, cleaning something so large would have probably been out of my league. Doubleplus, if it was there as a result of some voodoo, I probably don’t want to mess with it anyway.

Another update!

Well, I finally got my lawsuit letter today. Apparently, I have much better luck than my dad, as when I tried to call the lawyer’s office today, I got through on the first try.

The good news is, my dad and I don’t have to be in court on that date. It’s compulsory arbitration, which according to the lawyer’s secretary, means that it’s just a meeting of lawyers, where they try to negotiate a settlement. In the event that a settlement cannot be negotiated, a court date will be set, which we will have to attend (though it’s possible that a settlement will occur before the court date).

I couldn’t get in touch with the lawyer to find out what the current status of the suit is- the current demands and whatnot, but I left her a voicemail, so hopefully I’ll know more soon.

Anyway, not having to go to NJ for court is incredibly good news, and makes the whole still being sick (though I went to work anyway) thing a lot more bearable.

An update!

So, I haven’t had net access for the past two weeks, which is why I’ve basically disappeared off the face of the planet. The reason I haven’t had net access is that happicow and I have finally moved into the house!

In other news, I have to be in NJ for court on April sixth for that lawsuit I blathered about over a year ago. At least, I think I have to be there- you see, I never got any direct notice of this (I have a working forwarding address, so the move shouldn’t have anything to do with that). My dad did, and all the paparwork he has says only his name on it (which makes no sense, as he had absolutely nothing to do with it, save for the insurance being in his name). He’s tried to call the insurance company and (I think) the lawyer, but has been (last I heard) unable to get in touch with either of them. I think I’m gonna keep the purple hair, if anyone was wondering. I figure it won’t make any difference anyway, as my otherwise flawless driving record (never even been pulled over!) should speak more for my competance than my fashion sense. And besides, the tarot gave me the Ace of Cups, which means “Inflexible will, unalterable law,” which I find both creepy and reassuring.

In other other news, I’m sick. I had at least a 102°F fever eariler today, between doses of Tylenol. Depending on how I feel in the morning, I may be taking a sick day tomorrow (though I probably should regardless, if only to keep my blasted germs to myself).