Monthly Archives: December 2005

Happy Xmas!

Hey, all in the realm of GMT -5 (and earlier)… Happy Xmas!

xmas mog and cactuar

Everyone else will have to wait a bit more, and then this can apply to them too.

I’m back in NJ, btw (I’ll be here through Tuesday)- and have yet to wrap my dad’s large pile of presents.


Basil is a little asshat. Though Crumb can beat him up, he’s way too nice, hence Basil walks all over him. When I give each of them a treat, Basil hides his in the corner and then runs over and steals Crumb’s. This frustrates me way more than it should. I think I need to drink some beer, and then maybe I’ll care less.

I thought getting another rat would be good for Crumb, but he just seems mostly miserable these days.

I guess they’ve only been together for a week, and I should probably give it some more time. Hopefully I can restrain myself from constructing some sort of wall between them…


Saturday, my ipod broke. I think it’s flown away to that haven of horrid hardware in the sky (possibly the battery). happicow started to take it apart, but we don’t have a phillips head screwdriver small enough to finish the job… Luckily, I’m getting an ipod video for real xmas in a few weeks.

Speaking of which, Sunday was fake Xmas. Look, how festive!

Better homes and gardens

It’s just like Better Homes and Gardens :D

I got a pile of cool crap, including an awesome spiderweb fishnet shirt and Mario Kart DS (which may just be the best game in the series [also, playing on the Internet ROCKS]).

Marty didn’t come because he doesn’t want to be friends with us. He won’t open the presents we got him because he hates us.

Today I got a new rat. His name is Basil. He’s extremely shy, probably because no sooner did I get him in his cage (separate from Crumb (who’s all grown up, now) for a few weeks as a quarantine) than he somehow managed to knock down one of the shelves in his 4 star rat hotel. Since then, he’s been sitting in that corner of the cage, terrified. He’s not hurt- at least, not physically. I put a blanket over the cage and gave him a small pile of leftover turkey and fresh cheese to try and get him to calm down… Sigh…

Aeon Flux

I just saw Aeon Flux. It wasn’t as bad as I thougt it would be, but nor was it particularly good… I was impressed by how many scenes they took directly from the cartoon (which was pretty awesome in some instances), but I just don’t think this is a concept that works well in live action, Now, if they had made this a CG movie, that would have been a different (and possibly completely awesome) story…

Anyway, I’m really shocked by how many people are completely unfamiliar with the cartoon, yet still went to see the movie. For instance, the opening scene of the movie involved a fly and an eyeball, and would be completely familiar to anyone who had ever seen the cartoon even once (also, a very nice nod to the fans). A girl in the theater saw this and went “Ewww!” rather loudly, which I thought was both amusing and puzzling- what was she doing there in the first place? While we were leaving after the movie John mentioned the cartoon to two theater employees who came in to clean up, and one of them said, in all seriousness, “There was a cartoon? I didn’t know there was a cartoon.” In my day you wouldn’t be allowed to work in a theater with anitcredentials like that, but I digress…

Anyway, the movie had a bit more of a plot than the Liquid Television series (I’m not very familiar with the series that followed), but that’s not really saying too much. I think it managed to capture the essential feel of the shorts, but like I said before this isn’t material particularly well-suited to live action. Fans of the original series will probably be able to ignore all the plot holes and logical inconsistencies of the film (they’d better be able to, anyway, otherwise I don’t know how they can like the original…) and just take it for the eye candy that it, for the most part, is (another way this film is similar to the original series of shorts).

I think it’s probably worth a $4 matinee to fans of the series, but not much more than that. I feel I got my money’s worth just because this is the first movie I’ve seen where I noticed a Wilhelm on the first viewing (it made me laugh out loud- see if you can spot it!).