/me has been slacking…

And not necessarily in the good way, either, though there’s certainly been plenty of that :)

I got a pile of toys that I’ve been playing with, mostly video games (I haven’t even gotten around to playing 3 of them yet…) and computer stuff.

I’ve been spending most of my time playing Final Fantasy X-2, which is better than I thought it would be. It looks like I’m at that ending part of the game, when all that is left is to do sidequests and go fight the end boss; yay. I didn’t get the player’s guide, and haven’t been using any online references, so I just know I’ve missed a bunch of stuff along the way. My method for playing thus far has been to try doing everything where (thing!=suck). For example, during every chapter I go to every location a few times and talk to everyone who is there; but I don’t waste my time on (probably productive) crap like the Calm Lands mini-games or Sphere Break. I hear tell that there is something akin to a New Game+ feature in this game, so it looks like I’ll have yet another chance to go through and try to do everything later on.

My computer’s been all modded up with funky lighting-type things, and last night I got the idea to put some glowing stuff (e.g. star stickers or something similar) on the drive casings so the UV cathode lights do more than merely make my floppy cable glow. I also got a cool new motherboard from Chris, who is too nice to me. When I get around to acquiring the stars (which may not be for a while yet, as I already have a pile of them and they are currently in Ithaca) I’ll probably update my geekosphere.

Well, there’s probably more to say, but the likelihood of me saying it now is slim. G’night, folks!

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