Monthly Archives: June 2003

Morning Newsings

1. I was sent another blog-based review of The Hulk. It supports my view that the movie is a waste of fake purple underpants, but is much more articulate and informative while doing so: “The Unwatchable Hulk”

2. Penny Arcade knows the weakness of the male Linux geek! Does this make me a super-villian? I wonder if I can somehow twist this into an explanation for my shitty love life.

3. Otakon! Anime convention #2 is happening this August in Baltimore. It’s still too soon to know whether there will be a hurricane, but my guess is ‘yes’. At least this looks to be turning into a non-trivial FFAF gathering :D

What day is it?

Yeah, so I’ve been up for way too long :)

Last night I went to New Brunswick to hang out with some friends for ‘movie night’, and I didn’t end up leaving there for over 25 hours. I’m actually really surprised I made it home in one piece- I wasn’t falling asleep while driving, but it was getting really hard to see as all the lights kept blurring into each other. Oh, well- at least I made it back ok. Probably shouldn’t try shit like that anymore, though :)

So, we watched lots of stuff, including Aliens and the original Star Wars trilogy (episodes 4-6; the ones that actually happened). I keep forgetting how good those movies are- guess it’s time to bring out the authentic Star Wars action figures again :D

The Hulk

Well, I saw The Hulk last night. My opinion in a nutshell == rent it if you like things like the Grape Ape, otherwise avoid it entirely.

Alright, the major flaw in this movie was the cinematography. It looks like they were aiming for something vaguely artsy, but only succeeded in making the movie really annoying. Y’know how movies sometimes have a ‘split screen’ effect? Examples of this used correctly are situations where you want to show both sides of a phone conversation, or in Run Lola Run when Lola just misses meeting Manni in front of the grocery store. In The Hulk, however, they used this feature in nearly every scene, rarely for any discernibly good reason. Seeing a character turn around from four different angles simultaneously is more disorienting than anything else, really- especially when each angle is shown in an independent window that is sliding across the screen. The first time they do this in the movie the reaction is “WTF was that?!?!?” by the 76th time one is sorely tempted to impose an upper limit on the budgets (and a lower limit on the content) of Hollywood movies.

Other than that technical issue, the movie just wasn’t that interesting. It had its moments, but overall it just droned on. The best word I can find to describe this movie after the fact is ‘useless’. What little plot there was served only to glue together the cartoony Hulk CG (Where do the purple underpants come from, btw?). I heard someone else comment that they would have been better off getting a big guy and painting him green, and I would agree, except that would take the only interesting parts of the movie out, leaving just the glue (which doesn’t do well without anything to attach to).

If you get the urge to watch this movie, do yourself a favor and rent a good movie instead- like Clerks.


Finalliy! GIF’s free;
Not to mention LWZ-
Well, for us, at least.

The patent runs out in the US tomorrow- everyone else has to wait about another year. Not that this affects me much…. I took all the GIFs off my site ages ago, but I know that not all browsers support PNG transparency correctly, so I have used GIFS on other sites in that time.

Also…. does anything support MNG? Last time I checked, SOME browsers could display them, but I couldn’t find any imaging program to make them with….

Things working out for the best?

Well, despite my earlier post, things may well soon start to look up, if only just a little :)

Peter’s brother might try to get me a helpdesk job that I am overqualified for ($30k/year), which, while it may not be as hands-on as that other job, it would surely pay more, and have more opportunities for advancement to more challenging endeavors. The fact that I’m a programmer never hurts…. :)

Of course, Peter said he would talk to his brother about this weeks ago, and he just did today. Meh.

Oh, and thanks to everyone who sent me email, called, or commented on the last post- it means a lot to me :)


Yeah, well, no job, because I’m an idiot. I’m never going to be honest again. And no, technical skills and overqualification had nothing to do with it. My idiocy is completely computer unrelated, at least in this case.

Kill me now please.

Weblog…. of science!

Well, today has been a good day :)

First off, I went to the local Barnes and Noble for a presentation/book signing done by the one and only (and very cool) Bill Nye the Science Guy. It was pretty cool- he did simple science demonstrations for the kids (things like weight/strength scaling [in dinosaur legs, for instance], and showing how dinosaurs made sound [using 2 Liter soda bottles]) and made smoke rings with a box. I have a picture of Bill, Peter and I available here. Mike and Bobby also participated in the event, but decided against buying one of Bill’s books, so no signing for them :D

After that, we went to Best Buy so Peter could get something-or-other, and I ended up buying a new case fan. Before I bought it I asked one of the technicians how loud it was, and if there were any other models in the store to compare it to (I only found the one fan, and it was in a random place). Then he asked me if I was going to install the fan myself. Thinking I was in for a support/upgrade pitch, I said that yes in fact, I would, considering I had built the computer it was going in myself. Then he asked me if I was certified (I assume he meant A+), and I responded that I had a BS in Computer Science. Then he had me go in the back and take an employee screening test. I have an interview there on Wednesday morning :D

Hopefully I get this job (the one I have pays <peanuts). I applied to a similar technician position at the CompUSA a little while back, but they weren’t hiring. I didn’t think Best Buy was hiring either, as they have a board in the store listing open positions that I look at occasionally, but they sought me out anyway (just goes to show you that Best Buy really is cooler in every way) :D:D

So, aside from some power-surge-goof related downtime today, things have been going pretty well :D


Alright, I know this only measures your ability to do well on IQ tests, but what the hey.

My score: 144
“Wow! A score above 130 means that your performance on this test was way above average. Actually, according to this test, you are absolutely brilliant. Only a very small percentage of people score this high.”

So, post your results in comments or something.