Monthly Archives: May 2003

I apologize.

I can be a real heartless insensiitive jerk sometimes. And that’s fine. But not when I do it to people I care about.

I’ve finally done it!

I’ve finally noded something on E2! Taking some sage advice I was once given, I looked something up, and when it wasn’t there I researched it and added it myself. Of course, now I get to see if my node gets deleted or voted down….. if not I may have to do this more often.

Che sarà, sarà

Well, I’m doing a bit better. Radiohead helps a bunch (yay mellow fun music), as does having friends who get angrier much easier than I do (and for me, when I am apparently not getting angry enough). Thanks, Peter :)

Oh, and Ed Wood movies suck. But they suck in that horrible, can’t-get-enough way, so therefore are fun to watch in a mini-marathon with friends. And the fact that this was based on a novel is scary. I can’t emphasize just how scary- if you have not seen the movie you wouldn’t understand. If anyone has any information on the novel, please let me know. I’m really curious.


And the day just got a hell of a lot worse :(


Well, the day started out good, with me getting emails from people I haven’t spoken to in quite some time. Yay – contact is good.

Then I went to work and somehow got finagled into continuing to work as a part time consultant, only doing a lot less of the stuff that was making me really want to leave in the first place; and with full support to look for other (even semi-competing) jobs at the same time. Great, good – money is a necessity.

Then as I am actually doing some of said work, I get sued. Marvelous. Now those temporarily perked spirits are right back in the gutter where they seem to fit in quite nicely as of late.

Bruce Almighty

Well, I saw Bruce Almighty last night and just had to post a recommendation for it. I found the movie thoroughly enjoyable- in particular the Yahoo! –> Yahweh! gimmick (which based on their reaction times to other gags I am sure flew right over the heads of many of those in the theater).

Anyway- I think it’s a good movie. It cheered me up a bit, at the very least.

Atlantic CIty

Well, today I went to Altantic City and Seaside Heights with Peter and Bobby. It was kind of fun, and I managed to only spend about $20 total the whole day. Highlights included impressing Peter with my knowledge of all sorts of random topics, being asked whether I was 21 by a security guard, and Peter winning me a cuddly purple unicorn :)

In general gambling is pretty wasteful. If you have copious amounts of cash to burn (or are EXTREMELY lucky – like the guy next to me who got a ~$1600.00 jackpot from a Royal Flush in video poker) you MAY win, but (of course) the odds are against you, especially if your funds are limited. And in the event that you DO win you will probably gamble away all your winnings in an attempt to win more, and eventually will [at best] break even. Luckily for me I learned years ago to live vicariously through Peter’s gambling addiction XD

Self esteem?

Well, I just applied for a job as a technician at the local CompUSA. I don’t even think they are hiring now, but the people in the store seemed interested enough in hiring a skilled person, and apparently $10/hour isn’t an unreasonable request.

Yeah, it may not exactly be up to par with a prestigious (Pha!) degree, but then again neither was my former job. Unlike my former job this one, should I get it, WILL pay the bills. Which is far more important now than worrying about building my résumé. To that end, I’ll probably just do freelance web design for any non-profits that are interested. Maybe I’ll even get around to that WeathCheck rewrite (yay regexps).

Anyway, as far as “real” jobs go, no luck. I’ve applied for a handful that I actually felt qualified for (entry level is a huge misnomer [or nonexistant] these days), and had an interview for one. I don’t believe anything will come from the interview as to the best of my knowledge they had already hired someone else. Meh.

Mood: Disenchanted
Music: The Offspring – Self Esteem