Monthly Archives: April 2003

Ok, kiddies

Trying to SSH into my computer won’t do you any good if you don’t have an account. Do you think I don’t check my logs? Or maybe that I gave everyone involved in FFAF an account (heh).

Anyway, yeah. I know who you are, and am just kinda curious as to what you were trying to do, and why. That’s all.

Some stuff

Ever notice how life has a way of kicking you in the stomach from time to time? And no way in hell I’m elaborating on that.

On an unrelated note, I seem to be listed on random download sites for my silly WeatherCheck program (under maintainer == Terislow, which may be apt but I am still ignoring it). Let this be a disclaimer: It’s borken for certain zip codes (i.e. 14850). I know it’s borken. I just haven’t had a chance to fix it. Looking at the code a week or two ago, I actually had trouble believing that I wrote something so…. wrong. Yeah, I’m gonna fix it- but I’m going to try to do it the right way. When I have time. When I find a better place to retreive this information. Which means it’s going to take an indeterminable length of time- no promises.

Mood: Angsty
Music: Radiohead – Fake Plastic Trees

*gasp* An update!

I figured I might as well update this thingy, since I’ve been slacking.

Well, my car was totaled, but we bought it back for $25. Less the money from the insurance company it only costs $200 to fix- so it’s getting fixed now.

Rather than gushing about the good things or bitching about the shitty things, I’m just gonna go back to work now, so that hopefully I can get the shitty things out of the way tonight so that I may enjoy more of the good things on the morrow.

Mood: annoyed
Music: Dope – You Spin Me Right Round

Been away….

Yeah, ‘cuz of various things, some good (Ithaca, among others) some bad (mostly relating to car being totaled) I haven’t been posting here much or diligently replying to emails. Don’t take it personally, k?

In the meantime, amuse yourselves with this Nifty AIM Thingy.

Just what I needed

Well, I got in an accident last night. My fault. While merging on a highway, the person in front of me decided to stop (whereas they had already slowed and started going again) while I was checking oncoming traffic. The insurance guy today said that this happens very often, and that people end up beating themselves up over it for hours afterwards. Hours? I’ll be beating myself up for years over this.

So, yeah. Car possibly totaled (the damage isn’t that bad- but the car is only worth about $1200); me possibly going to get sued. :/

I’m not dead….

… But my Internet connection is for the moment. It will hopefully be fixed on Sunday.

If you see me online before then, offer condolences because most likely I am using dialup on the 233mhz Windows 98 machine. Yaaaaay.

Why I hate Blockbuster

So, today I decided I wanted to watch Forbidden Planet because I’ve heard it is quite possibly the best sci-fi movie of all time.

The first place I ventured was Blockbuster, a horrid chain who I despise out of principle, but the only video rental place in a 5 mile radius. I figured it was a classic sci-fi movie, they have (had) a sci-fi section, they shold have the movie. Bzzt! Wrong! Whereas I disliked Blockbuster before for their Christian fundamentalist foo-foo family loving ways, now I despise them. Not only do they not have the movie (that would be forgivable) but they seem to have removed the sci-fi section entirely. The poor survivors of this genocide were scattered amongst the remaining categories: Drama. Comedy. Action. Family. Unfortunately, a full third of the store was dedicated to the family section. Another third went to video games. That leaves very little room for any actual movies. Everywhere I looked- disney *shudder* Seriously, if I wanted all that crap, I’d subscribe to the Disney channel.

Unfortunately, all the other local video rental places closed down under unfortunate circumstances (Easy Video- flooded in hurricane; 3 out of 4 West Coast Videos- killed by poor management) so Blockbuster decided, in it’s lack-of-competition wisdom, to ‘wholesome’ the town up a bit. Sickening.

Long story short (too late), I drove to the only remaining West Coast Video in the county, AFAIK. They had a great selection- and seperate sections for every miniscule genre of film you could ever want- paradise.

Ok, I admit to being completely and utterly biased about this. See, I used to work at one of the previously mentioned West Coast Video locations that closed down shortly after being engulfed by Video City. Best job I ever had. The remaining West Coast Video has the exact same floor layout of the store I used to work at. It was like coming home ^_^

Oh, the movie? If you like classic sci-fi, it’s great. And it will make you feel knowledgeable when you hear the opening theme to The Rocky Horror Picture Show (another great movie).