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Neon Genesis Evangelion

Well, I’ve watched the first eight episodes of Neon Genesis Evangelion, and must say I think it lives up to all the hype. It is already one of my favorites…. and I’m really wondering just how End of Evangelion is going to mess with my head, heh. We’ll see…..

Now for that sleep-thing.

Well, color me surprised

Political Map Political Philosophy

Interesting… at the same time, these are both accurate and wrong ^^

I am a huge advocate of personal freedoms but frankly am not overtly concerned with economic freedom. I have no sympathy for the rich and their high taxes- they make more in a day than I will ever make in a year; yet they still want more. The rich have infinitely more power in government as it is- left to their own devices economic darwinism will make life absolutely hellish for everyone else. This makes me a hypocrite, not a communist. Socialism is worse than capitalism because if I actually work hard I want the possibility to be better off than someone who does not work hard. I don’t think people should be allowed to live off of the state, but nor should they complain if they pay 70% of their money in taxes, if they still get to take home several million a year. I guess the real problem is that people get paid exorbitant amounts of money for stuff that many of us wouldn’t even consider ‘work’- i.e. spouting your biased views on TV/radio, serving as CEO for any corporation, being a music/movie/TV star, being a professional athlete, etc. Of course, that’s not a government problem so much as a societal one.

Does this make me a liberal? I hope not… they aren’t looking at things realistically either. Political correctness==bad. Environmental issues==blown out of proportion. Peace==impossible. Affirmative action==stupid.

Basically… I have no point. I’m just think that people shouldn’t define themselves as liberal/conservative and take everything preached to them as gospel. Use what common sense and reasoning abilities you were given and make up your own mind on the issues- try to look at things from multiple angles. Rarely is there a clear-cut right/wrong in these issues…. compromises make the world go ’round.
Moral: If you can- live and let live; if you can’t- find a solution that makes everyone miserable. ^_~

I am DDR Master

If by master you mean “slightly below mediocre” than yes, yes I am. Although it’s cool how I can play Game Mode now and actually unlock songs. Especially since when I first started playing DDR about a month ago I could only play Workout Mode because Game Mode kept kicking my ass. Improving am I, yes!

Anyway, yeah. I’ve been playing DDR for hours. Fun.

Wasted day

I just wasted an entire day playing Chrono Cross to try and prove a point…. and it turns out that I was wrong in the first place. Bleargh, damn my memory- embellishing the Dead Sea ‘ghost’ scene. I could have sworn that Lynx was among the ghosts there, but nope. This game could have really been much better had they cut out 80% of the characters. I mean, the game isn’t that bad now, but I would have loved to see some character depth.

Other than that, I am slightly sick. For the past few days my stomach has been cramping and causing me other varied unpleasantries that I don’t want to get into. Well, it’s not getting any worse, so chances are that if I ignore it, it will go away!

I think I blame the chicken parm sub I got at 7-11 the other day…

Mood: ill

Festivity-like things

So I hung out with ‘the guys’ again tonight (technically last night, I suppose). Peter’s still trying to get me to cosplay, this time as the girl from Lupin 3 (which I have never seen). Yeah, I don’t think that’s gonna happen :/

We played DDR and pool, and I did pretty poorly at both. Of course, that didn’t stop me from playing DDR until I became dizzy and dyslexic. Come to thing of it, that could very well explain why I was doing so badly near the end.

The coolest thing about the night had to be an event that happened on the way to the arcade- Peter had lost his checkbook, and actually found it on the side of the Garden State Parkway, where he had stopped a few days eariler when his car started to fall apart. Somehow, he saw the damned thing while driving. Don’t ask me, I’m just glad I made it to all destinations in one piece.

Mood: Woozy.
Music: Underworld – Born Slippy


I just stumbled across the original Hampsterdance tune on my computer. Ah, memories. It’s funny how a thing like the hampsterdance can remind me of an entire year of college. It’s weird, at the same time it feels like only yesterday and an eternity ago, but in reality it has just been three years. I miss the Newell :`(

Now the Hampsterdance website is uber-crappified. It’s funny how they tried to make it more…. commerical/professional/technically sound, but only succeeded in destroying everything appealing about those evil little hamsters. Even the ‘Original Dance’ page they have isn’t the real original. Even the mirrors of the real original I have found don’t work correctly in Linux, as the background music is a .wav file. And even when I can get the sound to work in IE, the graphics blink into and out of existence, so all the appeal is gone.

*sigh* I’m gonna go relive more memories of that year and check out Joe Cartoon.

Mood: Nostalgic
Music: KMFDM – Dogma