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So, I am back from Ithaca. The driving was fun, it was the actual being there that blew stinky goat cheese. We had all sorts of stuff planned, but the only thing we actually got around to doing was going to Bruce’s lecture at Hamilton College. Even that had an ominous cloud of ‘teh suck’ hanging over its head. You know it’s bad when the highlight of your trip is a visit to the Dollar Store (I got lots of nifty things. Like a headphone adaptor and the ‘Blair Witch Project’). Anyway the trip was doomed from the start, but that is the way that life goes sometimes, and so I must deal with it. At least the kitties are doing well, and everyone else is doing as well as can be expected (I do NOT want to go into details about this).

Road Trip

Tomorrow I am venturing forth to Ithaca, land of Cornell and crazy arteests (and other crazy people). The purpose of the trip is to see Bruce Campbell give a Lecture in Clinton, NY (I’m such a geek ^^;;). I also know some people (some of them are even considered friends) in Ithaca, so I might be am going to visit them as well. Anyway, I will be gone for the entire weekend. Longer if I get lost, sick, crash, or die ^^

I’m starting to get work to do over at e-World Consulting (WSI), which is good because I am in debt. This is what happens when I haven’t gotten paychecks in a VERY long time, and I still have the remnants of my college craziness to pay off. I really hope I get a paycheck before Christmas (not bloody likely, the way things have been going). Thing is, I got the e-World job back in like, July. I just haven’t had any work to do until recently, and I am not entitled to any money until 1-2 months after work is completed on a project (so says the agreement I signed). Since November is next week, I don’t expect pay anytime soon. Which means I am most likely going to be paying my credit card bills with my Christmas money. Sigh. Oh well, nothing too major- I’m not about to declare bankruptcy or anything. I’ll live.

Speaking of Christmas, y’know that really cool case I mentioned last time that I was thinking of getting? I have decided against it. Why? Not the money, surely! (That would be incredibly responsible of me, for shame!) Actually, I realized that I really do not want to bother removing my motherboard and such from my current case just to install them into a case with windows I will not be able to see into anyway given my current set up. And PC mods are cool and all, but I have to actually choose and buy them, which is work. And again, I wouldn’t be able to see them anyway with my computer under my desk. And I like where my computer lives right now- it gives me a footrest whilst I play PS2 ^^

“NOSOUP4U” on a NY state license plate == COOL!

Pardon any ramblings in this entry (like this is any different from all the others), as it is currently 8:00 PM and I havn’t slept in over 28 hours.

For about 50 odd hours (with sleeping/eating breaks) I played Kingdom Hearts. This is a GREAT game- It has battles like the N64 Zelda games (only more complicated controls), and a story like a typical Square RPG (yes, I loved the story). I hate Disney, but I still love this game. I did everything in it except beat Sephiroth and play the stupid Mushroom Game. And I saw the ‘Super Sekret Ending!’ which hints heavily at a Kingdom Hearts 2, which is yet another game for me to pine for. Eventually I had enough of Kingdom Hearts and started playing Final Fantasy X over again. That game is also cool, but seeing as I have already beaten it, the urge to play is not quite so pressing.

Yesterday evening I awoke and took a shower. When I tried to turn the water off, the faucet broke. We had to turn off all the water in the house and call in an emergency plumber to fix it. It took a long time. Of course, this isn’t really my fault- the shower has been on-and-off broken for over 8 months. My dad has just been fixing it himself, and saying he really needs to get a plumber. Well, we finally got one. It’s funny ‘cuz last week my dad mentioned calling a plumber and I told him he would wait until the shower became unusable, which is exactly what happened.

This morning I took my dad to the hospital so he could get surgery to have radioactive seeds implanted for his prostate cancer. Don’t worry, that all went well and he is fine. Anyway the dog somehow knocked down the curtains in the living room the second I returned home. Figures- you need two people to put them back up. Later on, after I picked up my dad from the hospital, and hopped over to CVS to get prescriptions/Halloween goodies, I noticed a package had arrived from UPS. Guess what it was?

That’s right, my new processor came! SURPRISE! I guess they worked whatever problems they were having with it out. The processor was OEM, so I had to run out to CompUSA and buy a suitable fan for it (lack of foresight on my part). Whilst there, I saw the coolest case ever. I am debating buying myself that for Christmas. After returning home it took me forever to try to get the old heat sink off of the old processor. Yeah, you really do need the right tool for the job- I got a small screwdriver, and had that sucker off in about 1 second. Then I felt silly for wasting my time trying to do it by hand (My thumbs hate me). Anyway, I ended up having to take most of my computer apart to get suitable access TO the processor- and that included removing the power supply. After I put it all together- it didn’t work. Before I started killing myself over breaking my computer every time I try to upgrade the processor however, I toggled/fiddled with all the wires and switches on the power supply and Voila! Fresh baked upgrade. Then I realized I forgot to change the pins on the motherboard to switch to 266 MHz FSB, so at first the processor only ran at 1 GHz (I’m actually impressed that worked at ALL). Anyway, I eventually got everything sorted out- and my computer successfully upgraded. Yay!

Gah. Anyway, Bobby is coming over shortly to peruse the Zoom web site (don’t ask- he’s Bobby) and at some point I must actually sleep as I have a meeting with David tomorrow at 5. So, that is all for now ^^

Toys, and work

As of yet, I still haven’t gotten that Athlon. The company I ordered it from called and left a message telling me there was a problem, and to call them back… but the number they left was for a modem or a fax machine. Teh suckage. Theoretically they will call me back at some point. They haven’t charged my credit card yet, so no matter either way. Maybe I will take it as a sign if for some reason I do not get this processor (see last blog) ^^

Presents me has! And let me tell you, SquareDance rocks. It rocks so hard I am listening to it rather than trying Kingdom Hearts. Time and Space is good too, but I have already listened to it (Bad pirate Teri!), and overall I think that SquareDance has better variety. Other than that, I also got some Thinkgeek gear, of which my order was mildly messed up, but not enough to start a row over.

Hrmm… other news… I have been negligent with my guestbook stuff over at MAS, it is installed and running but I have not worked on the mods for it yet ^^;;. And I have made a layout for the third comic that actually renders the same in IE and Mozilla. Wow (This is harder to do than it sounds). The problem lies in that it STILL renders uber-crappily in Netscape 4.x and Opera. I will have to work on this more, yes ^^

Yesterday I signed the contract for WSI. I am now officially a “Web Project Coordinator” at e-World Consulting and Education, LLC. The only problem I had with it was the non-competition clause, but apparently that only applies for things that I do that may be ‘reasonably construed’ as being in competition with WSI. So, websites for friends and such, especially involving PHP, are not competition, and are therefore OK ^_^

Magus makes people happy!

Yes, people besides me, even!

The Misadventures of Magus and MogMaggiekarp’s “The Misadventures of Magus and Mog” has gone public! It is teh cool. All the images were designed by Maggie, and she told me exactly what she wanted, so all I REALLY did was put things together (i.e. web design code). If you want to check it out, click the linky on the right.

I have recruited Sax to help me integrate some wow-nifty-cool features to the guestbook I installed at Megadome All-Stars because he knows more SQL than me. Besides, I still have to get started designing the layout and graphics for the third webcomic I am doing. As far as work that pays goes, I am meeting with David from WSI Monday afternoon to go over the functional design for my first project there. I haven’t been this busy since college. I am getting Kingdom Hearts soon, and the busy-ness implies a lack of gaming time, which is a bit distressing -_-;;

In other news I was hanging out with Bobby last night, and he needed an idea for something to get me for my birthday. He threatened to buy me towels (You sass that hoopy frood?) unless I gave him a better idea. So, I did. ENTER: round two of trying to upgrade my 700 mhz processor!!!

You want to know what happened in round one? I will tell you. Last year for my birthday I bought a 1 ghz athlon (~$100). My old motherboard was a PC-Chips that I only bought because it was mislabeled as a DFI at a computer show (I wondered why it was so cheap ¬_¬ ). It was relatively new, and the manual advertised that it could support “Unlimited” (pha!) speeds. Well, I figured “700 mhz isn’t that big a difference from 1 ghz, and it is the right bus speed, so therefore it should be fine”. So I get the processor and install it. Boot the computer. Nothing. o_O Put old processor back in. Reboot. Still nothing. 0_0 SHIT. So, I call Chris, my geeky roommate at the time, in to help me troubleshoot (I was grasping at straws for a simple mistake- i.e. forgot the power cable or something). He, being the GENIUS he is, puts the 1 ghz athlon in WITHOUT A HEATSINK and turns the computer on. Well, needless to say, approximately 1 nanosecond later there was a loud sound of *SNAP*CRACKLE*POP* from the processor (not a Good Thing, generally).

Well, at the end of all this, I Chris ended up returning the ‘defective’ processor and getting me my money back. I then used that money to buy myself a NEW motherboard to replace my fried one. This one really IS a DFI (AK76-SN Rev. B), and can support high end Athlons. I think the root of my problem last time was a hardware incompatibility between the old motherboard and the new processor which killed that motherboard, then Chris blowing up the processor certainly didn’t make the situation better. So, I am getting a 1.33 ghz processor (thank you, Bobby!). Hopefully I will be able to install this one without any more unfortunate experiences. If I disappear from online for a long period of time, you can probably guess what happened. Yeah, I really SHOULD leave well enough alone, and learn from my mistakes, but that leads to stagnation, which is no better in the long run.

Other than that, last night Bobby also said he will hopefully go to Virginia with me in February ^_^ I know, I haven’t talked about this yet. There is an anime convention in Arlington on Valentine’s Day weekend. Many of the people I know from FFAF are going to be there, and I want to go too, seeing as it IS only 4 hours away. Besides Bobby, Chris may try to go too, and if he does than we don’t have to pay for a hotel (he has family near Arlington). An addtional bonus is, being that it is an anime convention, there are SURE to be Magus cosplayers there ^^;;

Up to my ears <(^.^)>

So, now I’m not doing one webcomic, but THREE. w007. I am like, teh popular. Or teh free labour, but whatever ^^

So, first off we have Megadome All-Stars. I’ve rambled enough about this in the past, so I will spare you that now. (I actually have some stuff to add to this, too. o_O)

Secondly, I am setting up “The Misadventures of Magus and Mog” (alliteration rocks!) for the illustrious Maggiekarp. She is making the images *phew* and I am using the PHP I wrote for MAS, so I’m basically just setting it up on Night’s server and making the layout. Weee!

And the third comic…… is a surprise. Actually, I don’t know if anyone else (read: anyone not immediately involved) knows about it yet. But on the chance that it IS hush-hush, I am not about to blab about it here. Needless to say it is trés cool. And significantly more work than Maggie’s because I must design (temporary!) graphics and a nice ‘Mad Max meets Vegas’ table border.

Other than all this goodness, I haven’t gotten any other work to do. Y’know, the kind that actually PAYS. David called this morning, saying things were going slower than he expected, but that he will call me tomorrow morning and hopefully have stuff for me to do.

In other news, the dog is a destructive little man-bitch. But you all knew that already.
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“Gahhhh! They were going, and then they stopped, and now they’re STUPID!!”

Today I met with David from WSI again, and got my email account there. I also got to meet one of the salespeople, Donna. It looks like I’m gonna have work to do VERY soon, we already have 3 contracts agreements. And, I’ll be able to work at home and make my own hours- VERY cool. This job will suit me perfectly, as I have a tendancy to start something and not stop until I (a) hit a wall, or (b) finish. I can do it all from the comfort of Linux, with my video game remixes pumped and Vanilla Coke handy ^^

After the meeting today I was relatively productive. I found a bug in the webcomic script, and fixed it. News articles were given a timestamp when the poster first visted the administration page, yet the files are named with timestamps when they are completed. Yes, I know this was a bad way to design this- but it was originally designed this way because I had a different method for sorting files originally, but that changed a while ago. This date thing slipped my mind because I was in a bit of a rush to get the comic out the door. But, it all worked out for the best because I was able to remove the date stamp from within the files, and replace it with an optional ‘Subject’ stamp, which is a feature I had originally forgotten to implement. Yeah, I suck I know. But it’s all good now, so shut up ^^

Oh, and the subject of today’s entry is in reference to what happened last night during a coffee run when the people driving the car in front of me did not know how to MERGE ON A HIGHWAY. It’s NJ people- you gotta get out of the way. ^_^