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You, me, and PHP makes 3

For the past few days I’ve been working nearly constantly on that webcomic script I mentioned before… and it seems to have paid off. Earlier today, I tweaked the code a bit and did some PHP magic, and now it works EVERYWHERE (until I find a bug, anyway, which shouldn’t take long). If you want to see this masterful comic (made by FFAFers by Night and Flux), you can click on the sexy devil in the picture below. Hint: you want to see it. Lotsa laffs and sex. Well, maybe not the sex (yet?)

Megadome All-StarsThere were some problems getting it up in time… I had originally hoped to get it all working by this morning, but all the bugs weren’t ironed out until around 5:30 PM -_-;;;

Well, it’s not completely my fault. Apparently there was recently a server move, so the first place I was trying to upload the comic to wasn’t the place that the DNS was pointing to… I was working on it last night but was just too tired to get anywhere so eventually had to call it quits and get to sleep. This morning (read: sometime in the afternoon) I got it on the right server, but the subdomains were broken. So I had to use some magic PHP variables to determine the current domain the browser was accessing, and use different variables depending on this (i.e. the http root is different for and, even though they point to the same files). Eventually I got it all straightened out however. ^^

Friday night I took a break from the coding and went to Sports World with Peter and Bobby. I just love going there to watch people play DDR. Seriously, this should be a spectator sport, these people are simply pros at this, doing like 6 beats a second and shit…. it’s simply amazing to watch. The same people who were there last time I went were there again… I wonder if they go every day? Anyway, after my one attempt at playing ‘Pump it Up!’ a few weeks back, I am avoiding DDR in public places until I get some semblance of rythym (read: until I get the home version w/footpad and 0wn at it).

Rip Van Winkle meets Vampire

Immediately after my last blog entry I went to sleep. That was around 7:30 PM that night. I woke up naturally at 7:30 AM the next morning and am hanging out online, catching up on things that have happened in my 12 hour absence, when I eventually get asked to help some friends set up a webcomic. Well, I simply LOVE this shit, so of course I want to do it. So I start working on the graphics and layout for the site, and realize I SUCK at making computer graphics/banners. I’m impressed the ones on my site aren’t that bad… but banners for other people? I need SOME idea of what exactly people are looking for…. Anyway, I eventually farted out something that looks relatively decent (But I still won’t show you. It’s a surprise) except for the main banner, which needs replacing. Now, I just have to work on cross-browser compatibility and PHP goodness for the actual webcomic/news addition/retrieval. I have something started… but it may be scrapped completely. Who knows? ^^

Well, I worked on that stuff unti 7:30 in the morning. I go to bed thinking “Well, I was up 24 hours, but I should still be able to wake up naturally with plenty of time to get ready and go to the SLUG meeting @ 9:30 tonight.”



Pha! I finally woke up at 8:30PM. Gawd, 13 hours of sleep is a bit excessive, no? Anyway, I hauled ass getting up and was on the road in record time (9:15). I likewise hauled ass and made it to New Brunsick in approximately 50 minutes (would have been faster had I not caught so many lights on Rt. 1/Rt. 18). By the time I get to the meeting I have, predictably, missed most of it. But I did get to offer minimal Slackware assistance (and a Slack CD) at the Installfest. Plus, I got to see cool people I A. haven’t seen in a long time, or B. have only seen online, and beforehand knew only by handle.

Right now I am hopefully going to stop procrastinating and get to work reading that training material for WSI. And maybe work more on the webcomic script. Maybe not quite in that order ^_^;; Oh, and I’m going to try to stay up yet another 24 hours straight to try to fix my rhythm a bit. It’s 6:30 AM. I have coffee. Wish me luck. (It is much harder to stay awake all day than all night.)

Sleep is important….

…If you don’t do it, something bad might happen. Or it might not, but you’ll still be tired.

I had a meeting at 10:00 AM on Friday with David from WSI. Being the night owl (read: fucktard) that I am, I decided to try to go to sleep at 6 AM (my alarm was set for 8 AM). Well, that didn’t happen. I just wasn’t tired at 6, for some reason I was really wired. So, I stayed up all night and went to the meeting. Nothing really new- signed nondisclosure agreements, got a binder full of training material that I have to read by the end of the week, blah. Well, I found out more about what I’ll be doing anyway, I should start having work to do really soon. I am the only Web Designer at e-World consulting. Once we get enough clients, I will be the CTO (w00t!) and have my very own underlings. Cool.

After the meeting I drove home and promptly passed out. I awakened in time to hang out that night and do fun things like go bowling and go to the arcade. I bowled 115 (pretty good for me, and out of the 3 of us, I did best), and got Rank ‘A’ on ‘Street Sk8r’ (best arcade game ever). Oh, and I watched people DDR but was WAY too uncoordinated to try it myself (I tried ‘Pump it Up!’ once, but that was a disaster…).

That was the day before yesterday. Today I went to New Brunswick to help Bobby with a MAW picnic. I was going to get up this morning at 8:30 AM, so I figured I’d give myself plenty of sleep time and go to bed at a modest 4:30 AM. Well, after one hour of sleep I had a really friggin weird dream that I can’t remember right now. Anyway, I ended up staying up the rest of the night after that, because after the dream I stopped being tired. But the picnic was entertaining enough to keep me alert at least. Bobby said I would most likely be bored so I brought the training binder, a book, and my sketchbook along. I ended up being a volunteer and working the ‘Art contest’ table, however, so I ended up being FAR from bored. I got to sketch to help attract victims, er, customers, too. I made about 10 sketches, but stopped after 4 teenage girls started staring at my book telling me how good I was. It was embarrassing. Anyway, other highlights of the picnic include the boy band ‘Back2Back’ (or SOMETHING like that), who sucked marginally less than some of the other crappy pop out there, and me almost breaking an already broken button maker.

After the picnic ended Bobby and I swung by my old apartment to see if I could retrieve some lost artifacts from yore (both mine and Chris’s). There was success. And there was much rejoicing (yay.). Chris decided to not answer his phone(s) so I also stole him a new TV remote (he lost his Sharp remote, there was a Panasonic one lying about the apartment that didn’t belong to anyone, I didn’t know what type of remote Chris had lost). There are some movies there that may or may not be Chris’s, but he can’t remember whether he has them… ¬_¬ Oh well, I go there often enough for SLUG, I can always pick up stuff we have as-of-yet forgotten, and return stolen items. Becky did some really nice stuff to the apartment. It looks like she friggin’ set those ‘Trading Spaces’ people on it (she always did like that show). Oh well, it’s much cooler now than it was before, anyway. It’s pathetic- everytime I go back to New Brunswick I get all nostalgic. I miss all the stupid little things- walking to class (when I actually went to class), driving down Rt. 1, even public restrooms. Le sigh.

Well, the above incoherant rambling is due to lack of sleep. Or idiocy. Whatever, the result is the same. If I should look at any of the stuff I drew today and still find it tolerable, I may scan it. When I am shown pictures fromt the picnic, I will post links to them. And when I fall down, I go boom.

Humour. Kinda. To me anyway. Shut up.

I put up some sketches on FFAF, and actually got good art reviews. I think this is so cool, because I’ve never had anyone who considered themselves an artist say anything about my stuff before, and this was coming from people who are damned good at this shit. “THEN I LOOKED AT YOUR ART SITE! Holy CRAP! You have an incredible sense of artistic depth and detail.” Flux, you have absolutely no idea how much that meant to me. It made my week. This is just a hobby for me, and I know it’s nothing special, but to have people who have such talent not tell me I suck means a lot to me. I also got good advice on which media to use to color my sketches… as soon as I get extra money I’m going to have to buy some oils and soft colored pencils.

As I was writing this, I received a call from David from WSI. He’s gonna have work for me to do very soon, and I have to go pick up some training materials on how to use WSI’s tools on Friday. Also, my friend said ‘no’ to the sales job, even though he pretty much had it, was able to do it, and it would be a step up in the world for him. Hey, whatever sinks your ship.

Now, for your amusement, the reason for the subject of this entry:

Funny thing 1:

(Only remotely funny if you are me) Last night Matrix is running around making a general nuisance of himself. He’s hyper as hell, and is literally bouncing off of the furniture. I go in and yell “Stop it! You wanna go in your kennel?” and he immediately runs directly into the kennel and sits down completely calm, SMILING at me. That was so funny I couldn’t be mad at him. Well, I thought that was funny anyway…. maybe you just had to see it in person…

Funny thing 2:

(Only remotely funny if you know who RMS is) Luis is currently running a poll in the RUSLUG forums about which version of GCC should you use to recompile kernels. Well, he emailed the link to RMS and Linus and asked them to take the poll… and RMS actually RESPONDED. Guess WHAT he responded…. “Call Linux GNU/Linux“. ROFLMFAO! For those of you not aware, this is a crusade he’s been waging for years. He’s persistent, but he’s cool. He said he’d forward the email to other prominents in the communitry, provided Luis gives him more details.

PHP R0xx0rz J00

FoppyYeah, I’ve been making friends, and doing geeky things. It’s fun. I’ve been working with Sax, the resident tech guru for the forums at and to make a new PHP avatar select thingy. I wrote it (it’s on my testing page), and we have been adapting it until it kicks complete and total @$$.

Because I’ve been coding, I have reverted to my nocturnal ways. Ok, that’s not the real reason…. I just always end up being nocturnal because it’s more fun that way. Everyone else works or goes to school during the day, so there’s nothing to do then, anyway. Plus, staying up all night really IS more convenient for those long coding sessions. It doesn’t matter because most of the people I’ve been talking to recently seem to be nocturnal as well, to a lesser or greater extent.

Sky Runner (UFO)For some strange reason, I’ve been getting IMed by all sorts of people I don’t really know. I guess it’s people looking for a quick fix over ICQ or something. I don’t mind the real people so much, sometimes they are actually interesting to talk to. It’s the bots that are really pissing me off, there’s this one Erica/Susan ‘paste this into your browser, hun’ thing that I’ve gotten at least 100 times this week. No kidding. It’s really starting to piss me off. I even started taking out my frustration by cursing at the bot… very cathartic, actually.

And here’s something mildly amusing (to me, at least)- I was complimented the way I smelled the other day at the SLUG meeting. And I quote: “Oh yes, may I mention that you smelled quite pleasing…? Thank you for deciding to sit in my general location. (insert innocent face here)” That made me start cracking up. If the person who wrote it reads this, just know that helped brighten my day ^^


I’m just gonna copy in what I posted in a forum

A year ago this morning I woke up and showered, and was actually going to go to my 2nd period class on time. I leave the bathroom and see that my roommate has awakened, the TV is on… I see the footage. The first plane had just hit…. I wasn’t sure if this was actualy news, or some kind of bad sci-fi drama… then I saw a second explosion. I went to the living room to find out better what was happening, and sat speechless with my roommates until the first tower fell… My roommate is on the phone, apparently the smoke can be seen from the upper floors of the dorms a block away… fighter jets and military helicopters are flying overhead…. The pentagon is hit and I abandon the TV for the radio, thinking I will get news faster without actually having to SEE it all.

This affected the entire university greatly, I don’t know if it was worse for us just because we were only accross the river from the events that happened, or what. Almost everyone knew someone who died, EVERYONE around here knew someone who lost someone close to them. My coworker’s brother had just gotten engaged, bought a house, and started a new job… in tower #2. His dreams, and those of his young wife, were shattered forever that instant. I am lucky I don’t know that many people, because no one I personally knew was there.

The university was closed for two days, but most of the students were going on as if nothing had happened, trying to forget and move on… I couldn’t move on so easily. I remember telling someone that “This is the worst thing that has ever happened. Anywhere.” I know of course, that that’s not true, by far. But at the time, that is how it seemed to me. It was like the apocalypse. I couldn’t thnk of anything else… I knew upwards of 40,000 people worked in the towers, I estimated the number dead to be upwards of 20,000, luckily I was being pessimistic.

When classes finally started again, most teachers actually made a concerted effort to forgo normal class topics and put aside the first day just to talk about this… and let it all out. It wasn’t until then that I felt any relief whatsoever from the angst, that I could go more than 5 seconds without picturing it all in my head again.

Get over it? I’ll never be able to ‘get over it’. But now I can live with it. That doesn’t, however, mean I wish to live THROUGH it again. So, I’m making a concerted effort today to avoid all TV. Not a problem- I don’t watch much anyway. If other people find these depressing images cathartic, then so be it, I don’t understand the logic, but it’s their decision, and their right. And it’s my right to move on with my life like it was yesterday, or tomorrow, and not dwell too much on this.

Conker’s Bad Fur Day, Chapter 8

Haha, I stole this pic from Icy’s Forum, and it was so great I simply had to share:

Bush's Declaration of War

Yes, it’s been pointed out that this isn’t really about oil. It’s about finishing Daddy’s vendetta. But it’s all still stupid nonetheless. Don’t start a new war until you finish the one you are currently waging, you nimrod!

I wanted a dog….

….because I am an idiot.

Crash!That must be it, I can think of no other reason. Dogs are stinky, slobbery, destructive animals with not a single characteristic to make them worth anything to me save a source of food during troubled times. The beast in question STILL isn’t housebroken. In fact, he’s taken to peeing ON THE FURNITURE when people have their backs turned. He has peed on my dad’s bed, and probably in other places too (I never let him in my room unattended, thankfully). The other day I had him locked in his kennel because he wouldn’t poop outside. I knew he needed to, he was just being stubborn and saving it for a dark corner in the house somewhere. Anyway, he had a temper tantrum and destroyed his $54 bed the stupid S.T.A.R.T. person made us buy him. Ripped the zipper right off, and tore up the foam stuffing. Oh well. His loss. Now, he has to sleep on the hard wood floor of his kennel and get splinters in his spoilt little butt, but he did it to himself. I have no sympathy for the little cretin.

Happy TessieIn other news, I emailed David asking why I have never heard anything else about that Web Developer job I apparently have. Well, I DO still have the job, we are just waiting for contracts to be signed before I have work to do. Phew.

I have started lurking about the IcyBrian messageboards/IRC channel. Yes, I need interaction with other geeks, and SLUG isn’t active enough. On an unrelated note, hang out in #ruslug on Undernet and get free cheese. (note: offers for free cheese will not be fulfilled) And, if you are in the Central NJ area and are interested in Linux, come to the SLUG meeting this Tuesday.

Oh, and more Bruce info!!!

October 25, 2002Speaking engagement at HAMILTON COLLEGE in Clinton, NY (near Syracuse). The lecture will take place in the Hamilton College Events Barn and is scheduled for 8:00pm.

This is 2 hours from Ithaca, and 4 from here. But, it’s also a Friday and others have expressed interest in going. For Bruce Campbell, it’s all worth it. This man is one of the coolest people alive, I swear. I’m going to try to get a weekend Ithaca-trip going out of this (‘cuz Ithaca rocks too). More details as they are determined ^^