So on and so forth

Well, I got the job… I am now officially a Web Designer for e-World consulting, a division of WSI Internet Consulting and Education. I should start having work to do next week hopefully. I have already been given the mission to try to recruit a friend who is very personable and has experience in sales.

As for the rest of my life, the dog is incredibly irritating. Just today I have cleaned up poop inside the house three times. We built him a kennel using some wood and chicken wire, hopefully that aids in the task of housebreaking. He still wants to eat the cats, but not quite so much as he once did. He also seems to have stopped eating his doggy treats, so we probably have to buy a new kind so he will have more incentive to be good. He follows me around everywhere, which isn’t as cool in real life as it is when Lassie does it on TV. I can’t wait until he grows up so he calms down a bit.

I finally created a Blockbuster membership. I was avoiding it for the longest time because I used to work for West Coast Video, but the 3 local WCV stores closed leaving Blockbuster the only video store in a 5 mile radius. I rented the Time Machine with Bobby, and actually enjoyed it quite a bit. One day I’ll have to make a trip to the library (“All, the information is there, except for the information that isn’t there”) and get the book- even though I’ve been too busy recently to start the next book in the queue. I also rented an anime (for some reason Bobby hates anime, I’m making it a mission to show him the americanized Mononoke Hime one day to ease him into the genre), The Harlock Saga mainly because one character looks like D and I was feeling especially silly. I haven’t watched it yet.

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