New Dog

Well, yesterday my dad and I adopted a dog.

The new puppy
Ain’t he cute? ^^

Apparently he’s a shepherd/hound mix, but he looks like he has a bit of pit bull in him, too. He’s cool in general, though he seems to have a problem with people walking past the house -_-;; On at least two occasions he has also gotten a bit carried away while playing and turned into a bit of a hell hound. But, he’s a puppy still so he should eventually get over that.

He doesn’t get along well with the cats yet, and they have gone into hiding. I feel bad for them, but we walled off the entire basement so that the dog can’t get in, and they have that area to themselves. Hopefully they get used to each other painlessly….

No name at the moment, but here are some of the suggestions on the table: Linus, Gandalf, Rusty, Harley, ‘Zandar, the canine ruler of the universe’ (Bobby suggested that one), Einstein, Quasar, Zeus, Remus, Romulus, Dog, and Urine. The last possibility owes to the fact that although we were told he was housebroken, he has created more waste inside the house than outside. He has peed inside at least 4 times and pooped 5 times. We need to housebreak him ourselves, it seems.

In other news, I went to the dentist and he gave me a referral card for an oral surgeon- seems he wants me to have two wisdom teeth out. Thing is, I have no insurance (no job yet, already graduated college, blah). I also have an intense repulsion to surgery of any kind, especially if it is not to fix something life-threatening. So, screw that.

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