Monthly Archives: August 2002

So, yeah…

Anyway, I know I haven’t updated in a while, but that’s because I’ve been quite preoccupied and nothing too interesting has happened. What has caused me to be preoccupied? I will tell you. Hatred of dentists, unhousebroken dogs, Bubba, and other things that I don’t particularly feel like discussing (and you probably don’t want to read, considering I’ve said most of it before anyway). Well, I suppose I’ll discuss it minimally, since it’s been so long…

In an effort to liberate myself from tyrannical dentist practices, I burned the referral sheet to the oral surgeon. I figure my wisdom teeth aren’t hurting me now (they are not impacted and are completely erupted), and I have a firm belief in keeping myself as intact as possible, so I’ll leave them alone. The worst thing that can happen is they get horrible cavities and hurt like a bitch, in which case I get them removed then… instead of removing them preempitvely to prevent an event which may never occur, and in the process putting myself at risk for various other ailments, such as permanent numbness and/or dry socket. I have this huge, irrational fear of being ‘put under’, so if I ever did go through with the surgery, it would be while using only lidocaine as an anesthetic. For some reason, pain/crunching noises don’t scare me much, but drugs do. Go fig.

I am quite ambivalent towards Matrix… when he is good, I love him; when he is bad, I loathe him. Unfortunately, he is still an untrained, unhousebroken puppy, so he is usually bad. I’ve taken to going on long walks with him around the neighborhood, which is a relatively entertaining activity I have not done since highschool. Of course that gets me to reminiscing about the ‘good old days’, which actually never really happened. Highschool wasn’t that great in general, the highlights included running home after school to play video games non-stop, and staring in/working backstage at various theater productions. But, ‘rose-tinted’ glasses and all (actually they are purple-tinted, but thats another story).

Is it just me, or is the world going down the crapper?

Hmm… what else? Oh yeah, Bobby wants me to go with him Labor Day weekend to climb (hike) Mt. Washington. That should be entertaining, providing I don’t go and do something stupid, such as get myself killed. We would visit Boston too, which I’m looking forward to considering I have never been there.

Oh, and I haven’t heard anything back from work, as in I have nothing to do yet. Hmm…

And, I must go now, because Bobby is here wishing to purchase a Small Green and White Marble Chess Set using my credit card (Linuxfund, of course ^^) and my computer. Later, all.

So on and so forth

Well, I got the job… I am now officially a Web Designer for e-World consulting, a division of WSI Internet Consulting and Education. I should start having work to do next week hopefully. I have already been given the mission to try to recruit a friend who is very personable and has experience in sales.

As for the rest of my life, the dog is incredibly irritating. Just today I have cleaned up poop inside the house three times. We built him a kennel using some wood and chicken wire, hopefully that aids in the task of housebreaking. He still wants to eat the cats, but not quite so much as he once did. He also seems to have stopped eating his doggy treats, so we probably have to buy a new kind so he will have more incentive to be good. He follows me around everywhere, which isn’t as cool in real life as it is when Lassie does it on TV. I can’t wait until he grows up so he calms down a bit.

I finally created a Blockbuster membership. I was avoiding it for the longest time because I used to work for West Coast Video, but the 3 local WCV stores closed leaving Blockbuster the only video store in a 5 mile radius. I rented the Time Machine with Bobby, and actually enjoyed it quite a bit. One day I’ll have to make a trip to the library (“All, the information is there, except for the information that isn’t there”) and get the book- even though I’ve been too busy recently to start the next book in the queue. I also rented an anime (for some reason Bobby hates anime, I’m making it a mission to show him the americanized Mononoke Hime one day to ease him into the genre), The Harlock Saga mainly because one character looks like D and I was feeling especially silly. I haven’t watched it yet.

New Dog

Well, yesterday my dad and I adopted a dog.

The new puppy
Ain’t he cute? ^^

Apparently he’s a shepherd/hound mix, but he looks like he has a bit of pit bull in him, too. He’s cool in general, though he seems to have a problem with people walking past the house -_-;; On at least two occasions he has also gotten a bit carried away while playing and turned into a bit of a hell hound. But, he’s a puppy still so he should eventually get over that.

He doesn’t get along well with the cats yet, and they have gone into hiding. I feel bad for them, but we walled off the entire basement so that the dog can’t get in, and they have that area to themselves. Hopefully they get used to each other painlessly….

No name at the moment, but here are some of the suggestions on the table: Linus, Gandalf, Rusty, Harley, ‘Zandar, the canine ruler of the universe’ (Bobby suggested that one), Einstein, Quasar, Zeus, Remus, Romulus, Dog, and Urine. The last possibility owes to the fact that although we were told he was housebroken, he has created more waste inside the house than outside. He has peed inside at least 4 times and pooped 5 times. We need to housebreak him ourselves, it seems.

In other news, I went to the dentist and he gave me a referral card for an oral surgeon- seems he wants me to have two wisdom teeth out. Thing is, I have no insurance (no job yet, already graduated college, blah). I also have an intense repulsion to surgery of any kind, especially if it is not to fix something life-threatening. So, screw that.


Well, I just had an interview for a position as a part-time web developer for WSI Consulting. I think it went pretty well, and I should hear back on that on Tuesday.

Yesterday my dad and I went to Teterboro Animal Shelter looking for a puppy. They need to put some information about the dogs on the pens, like approximate age, breed, etc. There were lots of dogs, but no information about any of them so we left. There is going to be a pet adoption at the local PetCo Saturday, so we will try again then.

Until next time…

Returned am I

Burn OutWell, I’m back from Ithaca. Chris has a nice apartment, we helped him do some shopping and rented some movies. It was fun hanging out over there, and the trip was better than I expected it to be (however I overestimated the usefullness of various cassettes and hardly used any of them). I think there is some sort of toxic cloud hanging over NJ making people who drive here stupider. And I think some other people need to take a step back and look at themselves. And I’m tired now, so I’m going to sleep.

Busy, busy

Yesterday I installed blinds in my room (replacing ancient shades), and that minimal physical effort seemed to trigger a brief relapse of my illness. After some soup and sleep, however, I got up to par again. I started preparing today for my mediocre-length car trip tomorrow… I got the car gassed up and the oil changed. In addition, I went to the public library for the first time since the 80’s ^^.

The girl in the Jiffy Lube was cool, we started talking after she noticed the Rutgers stickers on my car (== discount). Turns out, she goes to New Paltz, and that I am the only person she has talked to that doesn’t want to rush out and have children immediately. I told her I’m waiting until I’m 40, she said that’s what she plans on doing too, even though she’s already been married for 4 years. Apparently all her friends are trying to rush her into having kids, and her mom told her she was being selfish… That’s just plain wrong. It is RESPONSIBLE to wait to have children, on the other hand it is SELFISH to bring kids into the world where they aren’t fully wanted. Anyway, we got to talking about jobs, and she said MSNBC is hiring and looking for computer science people. Apparently she knows one of the producers, and if I bring her my resume, she can run it by him. Hey, can’t hurt anything, right? (Is this what they call networking? ^^)

Mad DuckAfter that experience, I had a bit of a run-in with poorly labeled Bergen County roads. Not a big one, mind you- my sense of direction turned out good enough to get me home in about 10 minutes, but it was still mildly amusing.

Oh… the reason I went to the library was to get some ‘Audio Books’ for the trip tomorrow. I intended to get Douglass Adam’s Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, but OF COURSE the Public Library doesn’t carry that. Instead, I ended up getting Dave Barry’s Only Travel Guide You’ll Ever Need, Star Wars: Heir to the Empire, and The Hobbit. Should make for an entertaining adventure tomorrow. I also organized all the cassettes I have… quite an interesting timeline there. I have stuff ranging from Nelson and Vanilla Ice to the Bloodhound Gang and Green Day. Fun, Fun.

Crashed Heli.After getting home from the above activities… I decide to try to fix random broken things in my car… minor things, really, but they’ve been bugging me for aeons. 1.) The dashboard light indicating when the high beams are on is out. I tried changing the fuse, hoping it would be something I could do myself (this caused a whole ‘nother misadventure I don’t want to get into right now because the power is fluctuating), but no. It looks like it’s the bulb. Since it’s in the dash, I have to take it to Ford to get it fixed. Yeah, that’s happening before hell freezes over, pshaw. 2.) The dome light has been out for literally YEARS. I have replacement bulbs for my car lying around, but somewhere along the way I apparently lost the correct bulb, so that was a lost cause too. Oh well.

Tonight I’m going with Bobby and one of his friends from Montclaire to see Signs. Should proove interesting at least. Tomorrow we’re leaving at around noon… I think I’m ready.

Each day is better than the next

Well, yesterday the cable modem stopped working. I figure it’s on THEIR end, as per usual. That’s fine, I had other things to do besides fool around on the Internet anyway. Like catch up on reading, for instance (I finished the Lovecraft book, and I’m breaking the FIFO rule and reading Bruce’s book next). But today, the cable is still out. Eventually I decide to plug the cable modem directly into my computer and run DHCPCD to troubleshoot a bit, when, ‘lo and behold! the cable wire decided to decapitate itself. THIS could be the source of my problem, y’think? Anyway, I’ve never seen a cable wire do such a thing before (I hadn’t even been playing with it), but there’s a first time for everything, right?

Anyway, sometime during all this the power in our house gets all borken. Yesterday we thought the oven broke, but today everything in the house was doing it. It took the microwave 8 minutes to cook 3 pieces of bacon- and not even to crispy-ness! My UPS decided it couldn’t power my computer anymore (liar) and started using battery backup. So, I had to turn off my computer and kill my uptime (5 days wasn’t impressive anyway, my top was 65). Apparently our power problems are due to the 300 some odd people that moved into our town and have their air conditioners set to 50 degrees ::grumble::.

And, to add insult to injury, this server’s time is STILL borken!

Well, at least my health is returning. I had a fever last night (first time that’s happened since I started college), but I feel about 80% better today than yesterday. I need to get my health back for this weekend… looks like I’m driving to Ithaca with Bobby to help Chris move into his new place.