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Whats brown and sounds like a bell?

Gar. I’m sick. I haven’t been sick since Christmas, so I guess that’s a pretty good record, but it still sucks. I think I caught a cold from one of my friends I hung out with two days ago. We went to a ‘balloon fair’. It was fun, I guess, but it was REALLY hot and icky out. Oh, and I got to see the Beach Boys in concert. I’m not a big fan but they did a really good job- everything sounded just like it does on the radio.

And it’s hard deciding between a cat and a dog.

Posted Tuesday morning ~9 AM, not Wednesday, July 31, 2002 @ 12:11:35 AM EDT

Hail to the king, baby!

Bruce Campbell will be doing a book signing at Bookends in Ridgewood, NJ on August 28! w00t!

Last night I showed Bobby Evil Dead ‘cuz he’s never seen it before, then we followed up with Evil Dead II, (just ‘cuz it rocks). Then Bobby wanted to find information about the next Harry Potter book, so while doing a random Internet search, I end up finding out that Bruce was doing a booksigning in Baltimore… I go to his page to verify, and see he’s oing to not only Baltimore, but also Philly, NYC, and RIDGEWOOD of all places! Tonight Bobby’s making a B&N run, I think I’ll tag along and pick up ‘If Chins Could Kill’. Yeah, I know, add another one to the queue…

Oh, and the time is still broken. I emailed IICInternet and told them, but they haven’t fixed it yet. It’s REALLY Saturday evening, NOT Sunday morning.

Dogs, Heathers and Cornell, oh my!

RocketSo yesterday my dad wakes me up and says “I need your help with a problem outside- a 60 lb problem.” Well, I go outside, and see a Brittany Spaniel. Apparently, my dad and his friend were out fishing in his boat, and see this dog wandering about on shore at around 6 AM. 3 hours later, the dog is still running about- it looks lost and there are no people about… so they let it on the boat and end up taking it back home. It has tags (and a bell) so they try calling the vet’s number on the tags. The vet doesn’t care about the dog, and basically tells them to bugger off. They try to call the police, they won’t help either. So they call the town where the dog is registered, and the town gives them the address of the owners and says the dog’s name is ‘Rocket’, but says they can’t give the name or phone number. The town tries to call the owner and tells my dad that they aren’t home… think about that for just a minute… o_O

Anyway, my dad and his friend drive to the owner’s house and leave a note, with our number on it. But in the meantime we’re stuck with this dog for a while. Not that that’s a problem- it was the nicest dog ever. It wouldn’t run out of the yard, and would come as soon as you call it. It never barked, and didn’t even try to eat the cats ^^ Eventually we contacted the owner and he came and took Rocket back, but it was fun having a dog, if just for a little while. I think my dad wants a dog, we were talking about it and started talking about which breed to get @.@ (I’m partial to mutts, they seem to be sturdier). My dad said I can either get a dog or Pearl, but not both.

Later that night I finally got to hang out with Bobby again!! He had never seen the movie Heathers before, so we rented that (80s movies are GREAT). We also went to Walmart in Suffern, NY (the closest one) to try to buy him a 28.5″x30″ frame for a poster he got at the MET a while back. No luck on that though, we have to make a trip to the poster store in the mall later.

And this morning Chris called letting me know he got the job he interviewed for in Cornell the other day. Looks like I’m going to make a trip to Ithaca to help him apartment hunt soon ^^ I love Ithaca, maybe I’ll move there one day, but for now I’m happy where I am.

Edit: Looks like Ithaca’s a no-go. Oh well.

Lets go burn down the observatory so this will never happen again!

Gah. Did you see this shit?

We have ~16 years to develop a kick-ass electric guitar to send that thing packing (a-la FLCL). Or, we could just move to Antarctica– they say it’s large enough to take out a continent but we all know it won’t take out *THAT* continent… Qué Sera, Sera

Path of the asteroid

Bleargh. Thanks for the (incredibly informative) picture, and the reassurance that “we’ll come up with something.” For some reason, I don’t think solar sails are gonna cut it.

Oh, and IICInternet’s server clock is majorly screwed up (After the server was broken most of yesterday night and this morning). It’s really Tuesday night, around 11:30- not Wednesday afternoon.

Ramble On….

Mood: Hyper @.@

Music: Led Zeppelin – Ramble On

So today my stats page showed another hit from, so I decided to do something about it. Now everything comes from the National Weather Service, and they say that’s OK. So Yay! I was programming most of the day. Programming is so much fun (when you aren’t getting frustrated, which I wasn’t ^^)

Later on, I looked at my stats page again, and I saw I had a hit from Belize… was that you, Bobby? Why aren’t you home yet? ,-_-

Gah, I want to play EarthBound now, but I have a huge queue of books lining up… (“I love words that start with the letter ‘Q’- queen, quiet, quick…”). I am halfway through a compilation of Lovecraft’s works, I want to read The Hunger (have the book, saw the movie ages ago… David Bowie rules!!), and yesterday my friend lent me three more books

Cats! ^^

We all know my cats from my college apartment are the cutest on this site, right, right?!?! ^^

Baby Dexter

Be a pal, and vote for my cats! And Chris, gimme Pearl back!!! ^_^ Pearl

The bad, the ugly, and the good (in that order)

The Bad: So Thursday I look at my stats page, and notice that I was getting a bunch of hits from I sincerely hope this isn’t a portent of Bad Things™ to come. Judging by the various TOS docs on their site, my WeatherCheck program doesn’t violate any of their policies. But of course, IANAL. I am, of course, not making any money off of the program, so if they have a problem with it I hope they simply ask me to take it down (which I would do) instead of sending a team of rabid lawyers after my ass (jokes on them: I have NO money). The program is still up for now, because I think it is a genuinely useful thing. Other people may (or may not) agree.

The Ugly: In less worrisome news (but still irritating) I got yelled at by a friend for being insensitive because she works alot and I asked her to go to not one, but two Renaissance Faires this August, and she apparently has no free time. Yes, I may be insensitive, but no need to be rude about it. It’s all good now though, so I’ll shut up before she gets mad at me again ^^

In unrelated news, I really dislike it when depressed people make you feel guilty for not being depressed.

The Good: And the happy news: 1.) Bobby is coming home from Belize soon (If he’s not already back). Yay! I’ve missed you, Bobby! 2.) I’ve started playing EarthBound yet again- my most favorite video game of all time. The SNES truly was the epitome of video-gaming. ^_^
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Yay! Weblog is up!

I finally set up a journal like I’ve been meaning to forever. I currently don’t have access to MySQL here, so I found a simple weblog project that doesn’t require a database. Now I just need to make some graphics for this, but that’s not a problem.

What is a problem on the other hand is my current lack of sleep. I seem to be utterly nocturnal. In itself that isn’t a problem- I wouldn’t mind getting a night shift job (I wouldn’t mind getting ANY Computer Job right now). The problem is I don’t wake up on a normal day until just before it gets dark out. Then I don’t get tired until about noon. After a few days of this, eventually the necessity to do something, when it is actually still daylight arises. So that day, instead of going to sleep around noon, I stay up until I get too tired to stay up anymore. This wrecks havoc with my general sense of my position in the space/time continuum. If it weren’t for my computer clock I would have no idea what day of the week it is.

I stayed up all night last night so I could go to the store with my dad today (technically yesterday, now). We went early and finished the shopping, then we came back and I had coffee. I got tired at about 4 PM, so I went to sleep for a while. Then at 6 PM I woke up and ate dinner. I’ve been up ever since. For some reason, I’m not that tired (but I am rambling incoherently) maybe because I’ve been working with super-happy-fun HTML and PHP stuff. I never seem to get tired when I start programming, that most likely explains my strange hours. Once I run out of things to program, I sleep.
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