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gadgettr: “NOT FEELING UP TO IT, SORRY.” I’ve barely drawn…



I’ve barely drawn anything in over a month so just for the sake of breaking that streak, here’s a quickie zero-effort fanart. The character is Napstablook from a game that just came out called UNDERTALE, a game I highly recommend (seriously, it’s easily my game-of-the-year). If you have even a passing interest in video games you’d probably enjoy it. I’m told it was made by a dog.

Now if you’ll excuse me I’m going to go lay on the floor and feel like garbage

tinycartridge: This is the inside of an amiibo card ⊟  Doing…


This is the inside of an amiibo card ⊟ 

Doing Real Investigative Journalism for Michibiku, Jenni Lada dug deep… into an extra Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer amiibo card, to expose the secret technology within. Which is… a really, really teensy RFID chip. That’s it in the red circle.

So if you were ever wondering if you could eat an amiibo chip, or implant one in your skin*, and become an amiibo yourself, it would appear so.

*Do not undergo medical procedures based on something I said in a blog post, what the hell

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watch the fat guy version of this video—where it’s a skinny guy turned fat and the girls meet up with him. it goes SO DIFFERENT. they actually talk about things other than his weight, and he even gets kissed.

oh, society.

Reblogging because I hadn’t seen the fat guy version. Most of the women are shocked and a little put off at first, but not a single one bails, even when he says some things that they obviously dislike (he tells a woman who works with children that he can’t stand kids, and tells another that he hates dogs). They all give him a shot, even if they don’t feel a connection. The men don’t even stick around long enough to get the to know the woman, and instead focus completely on her appearance and the fact that they feel lied to.

My lesson from this is to bail as soon as I learn a guy isn’t well represented by his profile. Look out, all you 5′4″ guys whose profiles say you are 6′0″! I don’t actually care that much about how tall you are (if anything, I prefer shorter guys), but I’m not putting up with your lying asses anymore just because I’ve been socialized to.

Undertale –  Butterscotch Cinnamon Pie


The hotly anticipated Undertale was
released on steam a couple of weeks ago and I’ve been having a ton of
fun with it. Being an nontraditional RPG, I was excited to see what
kind of recovery items this game had to offer and I was not
disappointed! Compared to the other food in the game (read: spider
cider), this recipe is pretty tame, but it’s absolutely perfect for
the new Autumn season. So which do you like better? Cinnamon or

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Heh, I was just looking up recipes for this last night <3