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Recent photos for 2009/09/30

The most wonderful time of the year…

The horrid heat of summer is past, and the bitter cold of winter has yet to take hold. Autumn is here! It has not yet peaked, but when it does I hope to bear witness, camera in hand.


Around campus
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Around town

The Apple Harvest Festival was this past weekend. It rained. Every time I have ever been to Apple Fest, it has rained. I didn’t take many pictures of the actual festival, as it was almost exactly like Ithaca Festival, only wetter.

img_9003 img_9017 img_9026 img_9029 img_9030 img_9038 img_9039


It surprises me how weird eyes look to me these days when not adorned with thick layers of dark eyeliner. I understand this is a personal preference of my own, and will try not to judge others by their own perfectly valid stylistic choices. In this case that’s pretty easy, as I really love the aesthetic of (and message in!) this video.

Via Ladies of the PQ

Summer is gone


So I suppose it’s time to start being nostalgic for the sort of halcyon summer that exists only in dreams, movies, and fond memories.


If you’re into that sort of thing, that is.

Personally, I’d rather experience the sights, smells, and chills of autumn any day.


Cat pic found on riotclitshave today, other pics taken by me this morning..


Lose/Lose is a computer game, a work of art, a bit of commentary on our society, and quite possibly, a weapon.

By way of exploring what it means to kill in a video-game, Lose/Lose broaches bigger questions. As technology grows, our understanding of it diminishes, yet, at the same time, it becomes increasingly important in our lives. At what point does our virtual data become as important to us as physical possessions? If we have reached that point already, what real objects do we value less than our data? What implications does trusting something so important to something we understand so poorly have?

I think that next time I am ready to do a format/reinstall on a computer which will run this (OS X?) I will give it a play. I have a feeling that is what happened with the current high-score (4711 aliens). That, or a horrible misunderstanding.

I’d recommend not trying the game, but you can still get the background music out of the download file, and it’s awesome in exactly the way a fast-past arcade game soundtrack should be. You can get it from the game, or just grab/listen to it right here:

Via yay!everyday

Sell yourself into slavery, and consider the free immature

The referendum by Tim Kreider is an article about major life choices, and regrets. Basically, the butterfly effect/chaos theory plus the fact that the grass, while not always, is very often greener.

Specifically, he talks about children. I want nothing to do with them, and have always suspected that many people who have them only think they enjoy it because they’re already trapped by the time they begin to realize it was a horrible mistake. My theory is that convincing yourself it’s fun is a kind of Stockholm Syndrome necessary for the continued propagation of the species. I think he sees it much the same way:

Most of my married friends now have children, the rewards of which appear to be exclusively intangible and, like the mysteries of some gnostic sect, incommunicable to outsiders. In fact it seems from the outside as if these people have joined a dubious cult: they claim to be much happier and more fulfilled than ever before, even though they live in conditions of appalling filth and degradation, deprived of the most basic freedoms and dignity, and owe unquestioning obedience to a capricious and demented master.

It’s a good read, if you’re the type who wonders about this sort of thing.

Via Clayton Cubitt, who says “Children only make sense if you need free farm labor.”