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Unlike the new Transformers movie, this video has neither gigantic robot testicles or offensive racial stereotypes. That either makes it three times better or three times worse than the actual movie, depending on the audience. One thing we can all agree on, at least, is that it is two hundred and four times shorter*.

Via @sursly

*: I would say this makes it over two hundred times more worth your time, but that is probably not a universal truth.

Happy Birthday


I think I will link to this post whenever I want to wish someone happy birthday. That doesn’t make the wish less special, it would just be impossible to replicate the supreme apropos quality of this video.

The fun actually gets started at 0:23, so I start playback there. Before that, the intro is just the words, “Robots Sing Happy Birthday to Celebrate London Science Museum’s 100th Anniversary”. How long does it take to read eleven words? Eighteen seconds!

Via New Scientist

  • Woke up super late and don't even have time for coffee before my meeting. Showered in record time, though! #
  • Made it on time for coffee anyway. Ha! #
  • Talked to @ptreadwell about getting more involved with photography and video projects at work. Interesting stuff! #
  • @mhaithaca: No, but thanks. My work laptop has a built-in reader. in reply to mhaithaca #
  • @zombieite: I know how you feel. Are you game for dinner tonight? in reply to zombieite #
  • My friends were hell-bent on me recording this, and who am I to argue? #
  • Outside, enjoying the coming storm #
  • I wonder if the cranes all around campus make for good lightning rods #
  • Well, I'm sad to see the crazy fucker go. He did make some great music in his time… #
  • The internet is a funeral pyre for Michael Jackson, it seems. #

  • Cooler heads prevail, but a posse is nice. #
  • @rstevens: Stella's in Ithaca, NY #everylastdrop in reply to rstevens #
  • Feeling rather threatened. #
  • Inspiring! RT @zappos "How Twitter Can Make You A Better/Happier Person" – #
  • They lowered the water level in the lake revealing a SECRET PASSAGE. OMG. #
  • Cleaned some stuff up. Amazed at how big my room seems now. #
  • I ate entirely too much at dinner. and now I feel like a water balloon about to burst. #
  • NooooOOOOooooOOO! It's already far too hot! RT @JupiterSinclair I heard it's supposed to be around 90 degrees here tomorrow. *bliss!* #
  • R.I.P., SD Card reader. You served me well. Until you stopped. #

  • @SkarrKrow: Good luck with that. Besides, this draws attention to the matter, which is a needed first step in rallying people. #
  • Walking through north campus reminds me of Rutgers. I miss Rutgers. #
  • Samurai? Monk? Kendo team? It is a mystery. #
  • RT @CarriageHouseNY: EVERYONE TODAY who comes in with Twitter coupon code "Antartica" gets Buy-One-Get-One-Free Cheddar Burgers. SAVE $9 #
  • Watched the Neda videos (defining Tehran imagery) THIS is why we care about Tehran. (warning: graphic) #
  • Fought with linux for over an hour because I couldn't get it to mount my ipod with permissions letting me access it. #
  • Turns out usbmount was installed and had ALSO mounted said ipod, as root. When my user mounted it manually with fstab, the perms were FUBAR #
  • Conclusion: usbmount is broken and stupid. #
  • @xinit0: I just uninstalled usbmount. AFAICT it wasn't doing anything useful at all, and I don't even know why it was there to begin with. in reply to xinit0 #
  • @darkuncle: I doubt they'd notice if you say it verbally. I just RTs em like I reads em! in reply to darkuncle #
  • Enjoying an evening liter of boozy coffee while waiting for BBQ dinner #
  • Companies try to make food taste good so we buy more! Whodda thunk? #
  • @ladyattercop: Apparently when rewarded as being a fluke in brain chemistry, this is news to people. in reply to ladyattercop #