Monthly Archives: September 2008

The future looks fun to me

I’ve been lazy about posting, I know. But I’ve been keeping my twitter updated, for the most part, and last weekend I got all gussied up and headed out to NJ for SalonCon. I don’t have much to say about that except that it was a wonderful time, and that Abney Park are great live despite experiencing crippling technical difficulties. I am certainly going to try to go again next year.

Now, as a segue to the topic at hand, read this essay by Bruce Sterling on the nature of steampunk. Remember, “the past is a kind of future that has already happened.” If we don’t go extinct by some sort of deleterious planetwide happenstance (as went the dinosaurs, so they say), surely we’ll eventually knock ourselves back into a pre-industrialized age, if not the dark age. Or the machines will take over. Whatever.

As for the topic at hand, enjoy this cheerful apocalyptic vision, a mashup of a Chuck E. Cheese advert and this educational film (via VideoSift):