Just as I’ve always said…

Beautiful Baby … babies are parasites – alien entities growing inside of you, tapping into your blood supply to steal precious bodily fluids nutrients and oxygen until one day they burst forth in a sea of blood, inflicting unspeakable pain on their unfortunate host organism… Pain that lasts for up to eighteen years, in many cases.

Anyway, no big surprise here, but the placentas are in on it, too. They enable the infection, both by acting as a bridge between the parasite and host organism (transporting the aforementioned stolen nutrients) and by suppressing the host’s immune response, in much the same way as some terrestrial parasites.

One day they’ll surely discover further controlling substances these alien entities use to bend hosts to their whims- possibly some chemical exuded throughout the larval stages, causing the hosts to not only tolerate the parasite, but to sink large amounts of time and money into ensuring the thing’s well-being, despite the affect it has on the host’s own quality of life.

We must remain vigilant! By the time infection can be detected by science it may already be too late… and the host may no longer even desire a cure. Every day, this plague claims more lives. It doesn’t have to. There is a better way.

Via Neatorama.