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South Pole Hijinx!

South Pole Dancing

I really don’t care that this girl is doing cartwheels in a bathing suit on the south pole (she was probably only outside for a moment, afterall, and she is a mammal), but am really amused by the fact that the South Pole actually has a, well, pole.

I wonder which government paid to have that installed? Also, does the North Pole have one, too? Have they hired a drunk in a red suit to hang out there and eat cookies?

I wonder how long it will be before some camgirl starts pole dancing with the pole.

Via Boing Boing.

It’s “Ann Miller”, not “Ed Miller”, and it all makes sense now.

Every time I see Columbia’s tap-dancing solo in the Rocky Horror Picture Show , I give the shoutout, “Eat your heart out, Ed Miller; Eat yourself out, Ed Miller; Eat me out, Ed Miller; Wait, who the f*** is Ed miller?!”. Well, it turns out I’ve been wrong all these years.

This picture, and the associated article, cleared everything up for me, and now the shoutout actually makes some semblance of sense.

Eat your heart out, Ann Miller

Yeah, as this post’s title notes, it’s Ann Miller, not Ed Miller. So, to Peter who taught me the shoutout incorrectly in the first place, and to everyone who I in turn have passed it on to, take heed.

I feel a bit silly, now.

Emo this, you effing hipsters!

Where does Boing Boing get off calling Lenore emo?

It was bad enough when they were calling everything either black or involving skulls goth, that was a bit excessive and usually inaccurate, but not overtly offensive, as I like goth, and think skulls are cool. Now, though, they are applying this whiny MTV hipster crap to things that don’t deserve such abuse (things, though not in themselves goth, definitely associated more with the goth subculture than the emo subculture if only for historical reasons).

I bet they aren’t even aware of any difference between the two things, and just think emo is the new hipster goth. Since I know someone will ask me what the difference is, here are some differences between the two cultures (note: this is the Cliff’s Notes version, for the bigger picture you’ll have to look into it yourself):

EmoThis kid is emo

  • Associated with emotional hardcore.
  • Note in the image to the right the stereotypical emo look. Of particular interest is the hair that covers nearly half the face and one eye entirely and the too-tight clothing. Also popular are Buddy Holly style glasses, collared shirts, and sweaters.
  • It’s “cool” to be depressed and suicidal.
  • Things associated with the subculture are stereotypically whiny and often have something to do with being unappreciated and having your girlfriend dump you, removing your purpose for living.

GothSiouxsie is goth

  • Associated primarily with gothic rock, but nowadays also with industrial music.
  • Note in the image of Siouxsie to the right the classic goth look. Of particular interest is the black clothing, heavy use of eye makeup, backcombed hair, fishnet, and pointy boots.
  • It’s “cool” to be sardonic and pretentious.
  • Things associated with the subculture are stereotypically dark and often have something to do with horror or occult imagery.

Oh, yeah: my Roman Dirge can beat up your Cory Doctorow.