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La Fee Verte

I drank a whole bottle of absinthe yesterday :)

Ask happicow, it’s true!

It smells like licorice, and tastes like armpits. It’s pretty potent stuff, though. I almost got drunk, but not quite.

Also, this trippy image wiggled less for me last night than it does today, but it was trippin’ happicow and Rob the fuck out. Of course, their absinthe had more wormwood than mine, through mine had more alcohol and anise.

Last Day

Friday was my last day of work at Spider, and it was the best day there ever! Everyone wore black (and Nancy wore a scorpion ring as goth jewelry), and they gave me a signed tombstone as a going away memento. Trés cool! We also had lunch at a nice café in (I guess?) Danby. All in all, a pretty surprising and fun day :)

Those of you keeping track at home may notice that it’s now Tuesday, and I’m only just now posting about Friday. I can explain!

I have this week off before I start at CCE on October 2, and I’m utilizing this time to the fullest by playing WoW (which works in linux under Cedega) as much as possible. As you can probably guess, this is contributing significantly to my laziness. But I have a level 22 undead rogue to show for it! My character’s name is Theda and I’m on the Emerald Dream server, if anyone wants to look me up to stage raids on those puny alliance humans.

Anyway, yeah. I said I’d explain- I didn’t say it would be a good explanation.

Car Troubles

On Friday, my car stalled at the end of my street one morning and wouldn’t start again. Happicow replaced the spark plugs and fuel filter, and we thought that fixed it.

Monday evening, my car stalled in the commons and wouldn’t start again. Luckily, there was a cute goth boy handy to push me out of the road while I steered, but to our chagrin it started again once it was at the side of the road (and I didn’t even get his name!). Having my fill of getting stranded, even temporarily, I brought it into the shop yesterday.

It turns out that my ignition went bad. It was a $200 fix – not too bad.

It also turns out that my head gasket is going (~$1000 fix)- and when that goes, the car will be useless. The mechanic thinks I probably have at least 6 months in it.

I’ve been meaning to get a new car for a while, but now it seems I actually have to start doing it, and finish doing it within a few months. Sigh.

Mood: amused
Music: Ministry – Every Day is Halloween