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Which tarot card am I?

From Marcia via LC Live.

You scored as XV: The Devil. Despite its fearsome appearance, The Devil is a card of weakness. It is one of the few cards in the Tarot deck that almost always has negative connotations when it occurs in a reading. When the Devil appears in a Tarot spread it can represent lack of achievement through negative thoughts. It suggests character flaws such as greed, bitterness and authoritarianism. All these things can ultimately destroy a person. The rest of the Tarot spread will determine whether or not the querent will overcome their problems or continue blindly on.

XV: The Devil


VIII – Strength


0 – The Fool


X – Wheel of Fortune


XI: Justice


II – The High Priestess


XIII: Death


XVI: The Tower


XIX: The Sun


III – The Empress


VI: The Lovers


IV – The Emperor


I – Magician


Which Major Arcana Tarot Card Are You?
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You just can’t make stuff like this up. Oddly, it’s accurate (specifically, “lack of achievement through negative thoughts”) as well as ironic. Which makes it less ironic, I guess.


Yesterday, I (along with happicow and Andrea) met a new friend. Nyx

Meet Nyx. S/hes a baby corn snake, hatched on May 21 in a clutch engineered by my friend Victoria (the remainder of which is currently on display at the Sciencenter). The babies havn’t been sexed yet, so I tried to pick a suitably pretty yet androgynous name- and ‘Nyx’ was the one I liked the best. The first site I saw it on said it simply meant “of the night”, but upon further inspection I found out that Nyx was the greek goddess of the night, whom even mighty Zeus feared. Goddesses aside, I still thought it was pleasantly simple, yet also pretty and punful (nix, *nix, etc.).

Nyx is already pretty tame, but I supposed that would be expected as he’s been pretty much handled (at least, he’s been surrounded by small noisy humans) since birth. Apparently he’s also been eating frozen pinkies since birth, so I shouldn’t have any trouble on that front (though I suppose I won’t find out myself until tomorrow).

Also, he’s super-cute and tiny and longer than one would expect given how tiny he seems. When I was picking him out yesterday, I got the chance to hold a mass of a dozen ~10-12 inch baby corn snakes in my palm. It was quite possibly one of the cutest things I have ever seen, and definitely one of the most interesting things I have ever felt.

I’ve been told that rats will always be too big for hm to eat- here’s hoping! Anyway, even if they aren’t too big, I can still feed him a few mice at a time instead, I suppose. I just can’t come to terms with the idea of keeping rats as a pet (which won’t be changing anytime soon!) yet feeding rats to another pet. Mice I don’t care about as much, as I’ve never kept pet mice before.


Happy Tidings

My computer is finally fixed! I still need a new sound card (though the onboard sound suffices for now), and most likely a new backup hard drive (as the old one suddenly stopped powering up), and happicow thinks I need a new UPS as well. I don’t seem to need a new processor (the old new processor broke unexpectedly, anyway) or new RAM. We still dont’ know what originally caused all the problems, or why various bits of hardware were being sporadically borken, and then not again (incomprehensible stuff like that is why I absolutely despise doing tech support).

In other happy news, happicow and I have a cool new housemate.

In other other happy news, I have a cuddly new friend.

Since I seem to have a computer again, maybe I’ll actually post some more pictures soon. I still haven’t gotten an updated picture of the new hair, afterall (it’s only faded a bit, so you should still get the general gist).