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I saw Serenity today. I’m not gonna talk about it too much; suffice to say it was really good, and everyone should go see it. Even if you haven’t seen all of (or any) Firefly you’ll probably still like it, and you shouldn’t be too confused on account of all the main plot points being explained at the beginning (they managed to do this in a novel and unobtrusive way, which I appreciate). I don’t think it would be possible for them to make a better Firefly movie (either in terms of truth to the series or of general quality as a movie), which is great for this movie (obviously), but I think it may be hard for them to follow up on it in the future (either in a sequel or in a continuation of the series).

I had gotten a bit of a non-specific spoiler beforehand from an early review in aother blog I read, but even with that I was still really shocked at certain twists the plot took. If you want a more in-depth review, I suggest reading that one, assuming you don’t mind unlabeled non-specific spoilers.

Oh, and before you go see it, you may want to read this poem, which is mentioned in the movie (also, it is kinda interesting). :)

Thursday night

Tonight we finished watching Firefly (second time through for me) in preparation for seeing Serenity tomorrow.

Also, I dyed my hair purple.

Also also, we watched The Incredibly Strange Creatures Who Stopped Living and Became Mixed-Up Zombies!!? (a very enjoyable bad movie, IMHO; though very light on the actual zombies and very heavy on the tedious dance sequences). I knew I had seen it before! Unfortunatly, I still have no idea when I saw it, or who I was with (if anyone).

Flora Bush

I just discovered Flora Bush (via Fafblog). From her site:

Hello, America. I’m Flora Bush, the daughter the President doesn’t want you to know about. I’m a Democrat! I’m a punk! And I’m going to rock you with my new album, THE CHILD LEFT BEHIND!!!


Ever since I was little, Dad was always trying to tell me what to do. Like America had elected him president of me or something.

I especially like the song Puppies and Landmines :)

It seems her main site is getting hosed at the moment, but you can hear her music on her myspace page.


While I sit around feeling worse than I did yesterday, I find I have nothing better to do than take Zombie knowledge tests (via Cinematical).

I got 6 out of 10, by the way, though I did have to guess quite a bit (I’ve actually seen The Incredibly Strange Creatures Who Stopped Living and Became Mixed-Up Zombies, believe it or not [though I can’t for the unlife of me remember more about it than the name]).

Quiz of the living dead

You scored 6 out of a possible 10
Cadaver been a contender. Not bad at all, for someone who’s never been dead themselves.

Sick today, but I didn’t let that stop me

Yesterday I was dumb and biked about in the rain, predictably making my cold much worse. But, since I had already agreed to go to the house with happicow and to Ithacon with Marty, I went out and did stuff anyway.

First, I ran some errands at the Maul, buying some art supplies and household goods I probably didn’t really need. Then, I went by Marty‘s place and we walked the half-block to the con.

The con itself wasn’t too bad – it was better than I expected and bigger than the one in Cortland last year, anyway. Of course, it had some of the rudest comic geeks I’ve seen at any con, which is saying quite a bit. First, some guy in a helmet called me “babe”, at which I nearly kicked his ass (well, maybe not, but another guy told him I was gonna). Second, some guy called me “useless” ‘cuz I haven’t seen The Corpse Bride yet (yeah, well, I didn’t know it came out already!). Then, as we were leaving, Dani (who I think will never recognize me, though I used to play games with her at game club [back when I went]) said I had nice hair, and the guy charging admission added “Nice!“. When I thanked them, he said “No, I meant all the comics you bought, that’s nice!” (I had bought 5 comics about zombies, a comic from a semi-local guy whom I felt sorry for, and the Fantastic Four music video DVD and music CD from a local artist [who overcharged quite a bit- $3 for one song on a music CD, and $6 for the music video on a DVD]). Bah!

After that, Marty and I went over to the house, where happicow decided he was finally going to hire a painter to finish staining the outside. Then we all went to Home Depot and spent a large pile of happicow‘s monies. Then we parted ways, and happicow and I ate dinner, watched Full Metal Alchemist (disk 5 came today!), and I tried to sleep sitting up for several hours because that seemed to alleviate my symptoms.

Now I think it’s past time I go to sleep properly (i.e., in a bed, in my fuzzy warm flannel pink flamingo + trailer park xmas PJs!).

Harold and Maude

I just watched Harold and Maude, which was a much better movie than I had expected. I hadn’t anticipated anything so dark, or so funny, and the whole age thing was at least a little less freaky than I feared it would be. I especially liked the car scenes, and the scenes between Harold and each of his prospective girlfriends; and I thought the ending was perfect (though happicow disagrees).

I liked it so much, I’ve added it to my top 5.

Ska is Dead III

Ska is Dead last night rocked. Predictably, the only ones who went are happicow and I. My aforementioned illness didn’t bother me too much because I overdosed on Tylenol Cold beforehand so just had that pleasant sleepy-but-not-sick feeling most of the time.

Surprisingly, I wasn’t as impressed with The Toasters as I thought I would be (though I was really surprised to see what their lead singer looked like, as well as hear what his speaking voice sounded like- not at all what I’d expect). They played Two Tone Army and Don’t Let the Bastards Grind You Down, which rocked, but other than that they played their newer stuff, which I feel is less… something.

Anyway, I was much more impressed with The Planet Smashers, who I felt had the best stage presence (and songs) overall. I bought their newest CD at the merch table, and just ordered two of their older CDs (The Life of the Party and Mighty) online.

\m/. and stuff.

Bleh :(

I woke up today and just really couldn’t stomach the idea of getting out of bed and going to work. I can’t really put a finger on why, but I decided to go with the feeling anyway and use a personal day. After going back to sleep, I woke up a few hours later feeling incredibly sneezy, and now I’m starting to get a stuffy head and all that, too.

Bleh. I think I’m sick :(

Odd that I seemed to know that before I actually started feeling sick.

I took claritin an hour or two ago and that did nothing, so I took some Tylenol Cold about 20 minutes ago, which may be starting to possibly do something. Maybe.

At this rate, I won’t feel well enough to go to Ska is Dead tonight, which would really suck ‘cuz I’ve been looking forward to it a bunch (I even donned some extra weird clothes for the occassion).

Also, it appears I wasted a personal day when I was actually sick. Teh suck. Maybe I’ll ask for it to be a sick day instead, especially if I still feel sick tomorrow.