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Finally, I get to start working things back into my diet. Today: eggs.

I’ve had four eggs already today, and plan to have another two tonight. No abnormal reactions to the eggs, AFAICT, though I think one of my chicken fingers at lunch today had some non-bleached wheat breadcrumbs on it, as I got a bunp on my lip after eating them. I suppose I’ll know for sure later on…

Anyway, assuming this continues to go well, the plan is to go back to the normal boring diet tomorrow (presumably to give everything a chance to leave my system), and work in milk (and cheese, and butter, and ice cream) on Friday. Saturday will be boring, and Sunday I will reintroduce various wheat products. Monday will be boring, and Tuesday I will reintroduce the solanaceae (tomatoes, peppers, aubergine, potato) (this means I will finally get to eat pizza again!). On Thursday I will start cheating (more than I already am) by starting to introduce one item a day (here’s where it gets difficult: chick peas, green peas, pinto beans, kidney beans, lima beans, common beans, string beans, navy beans, etc [not necessarily in that order, and ony one new item at a time]) up until the night before Beth‘s wedding.

I’m cheating (I’m not supposed to mix items I’ve already tested with new items, and I’m always supposed to give one day of boring food between eating new items) because there actually aren’t enough days before my next allergist appointment to follow the reintroduction procedure to the letter. Also, I want to be able to eat at the wedding without making life difficult for the kitchen staff. Mostly, I’m too sick of the rice and chicken diet to keep that up for much longer.


I’ve decided to avoid the War of the Worlds movie entirely for two reasons:

  1. IMHO, Spielberg hasn’t made a good movie in 12 years.
  2. I don’t want to support actors who associate with harmful newage profit hungry cults.

Instead, I’m going to get my WotW goodness via a different medium. I recommend that thrifty, socially conscious individuals save their monies and do the same.

In related news, Jason Lee is dead to me. At least I’ll still have my memories


Land of the Dead

I just got back from seeing Land of the Dead with Marty (opening night, n00bz!), and I must say – Romero hasn’t lost his touch. Despite it being 20 years since the last movie in the series, he’s managed to create a movie in the same vein as the previous ones while resisting catering to Hollywood’s demand for (IMHO) badnes. If only Lucas could have done as much…

In short: I liked it. I really liked it. This may just be the best movie in the series, at the very least (IMHO) it’s better than Day of the Dead. The symbolism in this one was especially poignant, particularly regarding the way Dubya Dennis Hopper‘s character meets his end (come on, it’s a Romero flick – that’s no spoiler). I even managed to get past an association I have resulting from the fact that the last time I saw Dennis Hopper playing a man of power ruling from the top of a tower vs. John Leguizamo was in the Super Mario Bros movie (it wasn’t hard – I liked SMB).

Some other bits worth mentioning are the retarded character Charlie’s name, which I like to brain was a nod to Flowers for Algernon (one of my favorite books), and the zombie couple holding hands (kawaii!). I know that Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright (Shaun of the Dead) made cameos, but I missed them, even though I was looking :(

I suppose I’ll just have to look harder next time (which will hopefully be soon… happicow hasn’t seen it yet, afterall…) :)

Mostly unrelated quote of the day (from Marty, while sitting through boring previews) which made me laugh harder than I have in quite some time:

Michael Jackson is the new Lich King of Pop

If you get this && you find it hilarious, then you are cool people.

NWN levity

Last night I found a really cool module for NWN, which I spent a few hours playing (though I haven’t beat it yet). So far, I’m liking it more than the two official expansions, and it’s way better than any other module I’ve played.

Anyway, after that I decided I needed some new NWN wallpaper, and found this. Waitaminute… that looks kinda like an in-game shot… NWN has penguins?! After a bit of googling, I fount this:

NWN penguin model The common penguin, or Vile Sea Panther, is forged by the merciless cold of the extreme north. These soulless birds are consumed with a frosty rage about looking pretty silly when they waddle around making that squeaky sound. The other birds laughed at them when they were younger, and often the penguin would stand on the corner watching all the other birds with working wings peel off in a stylish car with all the cutest she-birds and a bucket of fresh cod. Well the penguin is back… and the dead don’t laugh baby.

<giggle> Too bad the model-viewer is windows only. Ironic, that- you only get penguins in windows :(

Well, the penguins appear to be evil masterminds, so I’m sure theey’ll get revenge, somehow >:)


On Friday I got a clip-on rear light for my bike. The first time I used it was yesterday. Yesterday, I lost it.

Bah. It was only like, $4, but it took two weeks to arrive. I suppose when I go to the bike shop to get a tune-up I should buy an overpriced one there…

Maybe I’ll do that today, and walk from/to work tonight and tomorrow morning…

Anime Next

I’ve been negligent bout posting. Sorry about that :)

Anyway, (as I said previously) this past weekend I went back to NJ for AnimeNext. It was a fun convention this time around, definitely better than many others I’ve been to (which reminded me greatly how much I miss going to cons… though that may soon be recitfied with a vengeance). There weren’t too many interesting panels, IMHO (and the one I was really interested in [regarding horror] was a non-event), but the dealer room was probably the best I’ve seen at a convention, ever, and it wasn’t so crowded that everywhere you went you tripped over 14 year olds (all cosplaying as Inu-Yasha [blech!]).

While there I got introduced to a new (for me) anime, Full Metal Alchemist, which I’ve already donated 4 hours of my life watching (and I plan on donating more). I also caught the first disc of Shadow Star Narutaru, which was just odd enough to be right up my alley (which of course means it was more than odd enough for most other people’s tastes).

So yeah, a coupla hundred dollars (I told you the dealer’s room rocked!) and a few nice experiences later, and I’m already jonesing for the next one…


Yesterday, I set up a bloglines account. So far, I’m digging it more than the RSS aggregator I was using on my computer… also, it has the added benefit of deprecating my blogroll :)

Movie: Dungeons & Dragons

I just watched Dungeons & Dragons. Marty was right, it was a bad movie (though not as bad as he made it out to be), but I still liked it (I like lots of bad movies). How could I not- it had Richard O’Brien and Tom Baker!

Anyway, idea was cool, as well as seeing the many varied races (the dwarf seemed an awful lot like Bruenor Battlehammer, though, and I have no idea what the three-eyed guy was, or why Damodar had blue lips). It was kinda lame that the dragons didn’t play more of a part (you’d never know that gold dragons are lawful good geniuses or that red dragons are chaotic evil and of exceptional intelligence just from seeing them depicted in this movie), and it was really lame that most of the characters had no real didn’t have any character development (and the ones that did, just got more annoying).

As for the monsters, seeing beholders was cool, but they didn’t seem to actually serve any purpose (other than to get geeks to go “Oooh! Lookit the Eye Tyrants!” of course). If the thing in Damodar’s head was an intellect devourer (not that it looked much like one), that was pretty cool too, though it would have been nice if they had actually said that at some point. Also, the Lich was cool, but he didn’t seem to acknowledge the fact that he was a Lich (or have a phylactery)…

So yeah, the fact that I enjoyed watching this probably says even more about my dorkiness than the fact that I enjoyed the Super Mario Bros movie enough to buy it on DVD (I already owned it on VHS…)