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DIY Moblog

Setting up your own moblog is easy. I know, I did it. The only problem I have with mine is that emails sent from my verizon phone often arrive really slowly (rarely, they never show up at all). This however, is a problem with Verizon, or the way in which Verizon talks to my mail server.

Anyway, since this is on /. today, and since Sax recently asked me how I do my moblog, I figured I’d share with everyone.

First, I have the following lines in my .procmailrc on my mailserver:

* ^TO_${photoblog_email}

Which pipes the messages sent to ${photoblog_email} to this script:, which performs some error/spoof checking and the like, cleans up the message, saves the image, creates a thumbnail, and indexes the image, along with it’s subject and message body (if set).

After that, all that’s left is the display, which is handled by my photoblog PHP script. The formatting there is highly dependent on your site, but splitting the image index file with file(), and then each line with explode() should get you pointed in the right direction.

Anyway, if you find any of this helpful to you in setting up your own moblog (probably not), then great. If not, then ignore it- no harm done :)


I haven’t posted in a while, but there hasn’t been all that much to post about, really. I’ve mostly been working, coming home and reading, then going to bed, then getting up and working again.

My works days have consisted of me arriving at work (possibly later than I should) and getting to work on reinstalling that Windows 2k box (it has a lot of specialized genetics software on it, including one piece of software that apparently sells for $30,000), and getting some real bioinformatics work done (Yay!).

We’re hiring a new person over here, to replace Rob who is leaving in June. Yesterday I helped go over the résumés, and pick out my favorite people. I feel like such an age bigot- even if someone has a really good résumé, I am less likely to suggest them if they graduated college befor 1998 or so. I dunno why exactly, but I’m not the only one. Other people’s rationality is that this is a young group, and we need to think of group dynamics and how everyone is going to get along. Not too mention that everyone else started at 23 or 24 and this is basically a low-level position (a more experienced person would probably be bored, if not then they probably have other issues). My rationality is that I’m just a big jerk :)

We’ve gotten a few really good résumés, and a handful of really bad ones, with a bunch of mediocre ones. I think I’ve done my part now, I just have to wait for the interviews (which should be fun :) ).

In other news, Chris and I are looking at buying some property and building a house (this plan has been ressurected from last year, when it fell through for Chris). Specifically, we’ve found some promising land for sale just outside of the city limits, in the Town of Ithaca. I’ll post more about it as new developments arise.

Gotta run – meetinsg (blech)

Hotdog Day

This weekend, Chris and I met Beth, Mr Beth, and their friends over by Alfred University for Hotdog Day. What follows is a brief (brief!) glimpse of some of the weekend, with links to photos I took from the trip.

The fun started when Chris decided that it was a good idea to completely ignore any specific directions given and simply head West on Rt. 17 to Alfred, and once in Alfred find the tree (where we were to meet up with everyone). Easy enough, given the assumption(s) that (1) there is only one Alfred college/university, and (2) that Alfred University has only one tree (which is coincidentally also 600 feet tall, because it ate all the other trees). Needless to say, we got lost, and we got lots of strange looks when we asked people where the big tree was. We did eventually make it to the tree, and later, the hotel, where we met up with the rest of our party.

The next morning, we got up early(ish) to go to a parade that didn’t end up happening until significantly later than it should have happened, so until it started we thought we had somehow missed it. After that, we split up for a bit to go fooding, or to purchase various chotskys (penguins for me, as per usual) from the assorted booths. Then we met up again to tour some of Alfred’s resident weird art (ginormous disembodied heads with holes in the top, for instance).

Later on during the day we got to see (and climb up) Alfred’s resident bell tower (actually, a carillon), check out the “band” (actually, just Pete and Ethan) Pethan (who did the best rendition of Crazy Train done with a violin I’ve ever heard).

That night there was a nifty light show (ooh, neon!), which was shiny and blinky and therefore kept our attentions for a while (we’re such geeks!).

Before we left campus we checked out the theater to see FNL (Friday Night Live [nevermind that it was Saturday]), who mixed video (not live) and theatrics. Some of the more memorible stuff they did involved mixing Batman characters and the free money guy (if you’re unlucky enough to have seen his comercials you are well aware that his costume rips off the Riddler) and having a cast member sing I Am the Very Model of a Modern Major-General (he only messed up once, and finished the entire song in about 45 seconds, which was awe-inspiring). After FNL’s all-too-brief performance, we stuck around to watch Robby Prince, a comedian. There’s not all that much one can say about a comedian- he was funny, but you really just have to be there.

After that, some of us went to do the party thing. I’m not a big fan of parties*, so quickly made myself scarce. Eventually Chris got tired of not knowing anyone (or he felt bad that I was hanging out on the porch playing game boy) so we cut out and called it a night.

Overall, it was a great weekend. Hopefully Chris and I will be able to hang out with Beth and the other Chris again soon :)

*Let the record show that I’ve never been a big fan of parties, particularly where I know next to no one there and the room is so crowded that moving about in it is akin to wading through a neck-deep pool of drunken bison. I much prefer small gatherings with a handful of close friends.

My disdain for crowds, lines, and things of that ilk has only grown since I read, The new Prehistory, by René Rebetez-Cortes a few months back. Now, whenever I’m in a line or a crowd, I tend to make a concerted effort to get out of it as quickly as humanly possibile, even if it means forgoing such trivialities as food or companionship ;)

Unconcious Mutterings Week 64

Here’s this week’s…

  1. Elastic::band
  2. Intervention::signing
  3. Risk::management
  4. Junk food::fat
  5. Arrogance::snotty
  6. Responsibility::derange
  7. X::Y
  8. Marshall::Dudly
  9. Kill::be killed
  10. Brother::sister

Post house hunting (block 1)

Unfortunately, the house that Chris and I were most interested in seeing yesterday has already been sold (well, not technically, but close enough). Boo. That house was in a perfect location, and if that weren’t enough it was just the right size and judging by the pictures we saw, it was beautiful inside.

We went to look at two other houses, the first of which looked like it has been abused by undergrads for the past 10 years. Thanks, but no thanks :)

The second house we looked at was really nice (Chris has pictures, maybe he will post them….). It seemed to be in really good condition inside, and everything on the outside except the roof (a pretty big ‘except’, I know) looked good as well. It had a porch, a great climbing tree (I’m thinking of you, Beth :) ), an unidentified brick… thing in the yard, lots of rooms and storage space inside, AND a fireplace. The ony downsides were the aforementioned roof, the location (really no more in the boonies than we are now, but still in the boonies :) ), the garage roof (kinda like swiss cheese), and the fact that one of the (yess, one of the) living rooms has obviously been raised from its original level (possibly because of flooding?). Anyway, despite the pitfalls, I’m still a fan of this house, but as Chris is technically the buyer (and I’m just a measely renter) he doesn’t like it so we won’t get it. :(

We may go look at more houses today, but probably not where the real estate agent wanted to take us (double-plus-boonies, plus has scenic vistas of trailers AND a silo. w007.) If so, I’ll try to post later with another update.


I’m leaving work early today to go look at some houses with Chris. That’s a good thing, because I’m not that good with examining a compromised Windows box (or helping CIT with it, for that matter), and I’m absolutely no good at troubleshooting Mac OS 9. Also, I’ve been trying to set up AWStats for way too long now, and Apache’s giving me no love. :/

eye R teknishun, durr.

In other news, the rampant dieting that other linuxchix seem to be doing may be rubbing off. I’m considering it, and have started counting calories. Unfortunately, it looks like it will take me 6 months to reach my goal using the recommended plan. Oh well, could be worse.

Quick update

I’ve got a bit of time for a quick post while my dinner (eggs and pasta) finishes cooking.

Today I caved in and purchased an iPod mini (blue) from the Apple Store. I was originally going to get a Neuros (for the FM radio), but that’s just way too BIG for what an MP3 player should be. My iPod should ship in 3-5 weeks :/

Today at work we discovered one of our Windows 2000 boxes had been compromised (250 GB of bandwidth in 2 days). We still can’t figure out by what, though, as virus scanners can’t find anything and everything I look up that opens ports in the 12000-12050 range isn’t what we have :/

Chris and I looked at a few houses. We found one that we like a bunch, that meets pretty much all of our criteria….. Chris is going to talk tot he real estate agent about looking further into purchasing this house tomorrow :)

Well, dinner’s ready- bye!

Post-eggdrop ramblings

Well, we’re back from the eggdrop. Peter submitted 2 entries for the first run, and Chris submitted one. I took a bunch of photoblog pictures, and surprisingly most of them actually arrived (if a bt out of order in places).

The drop wasn’t as high as we originally thought it would be, and the success rate was much higher than we thought it would be. Even in the preschool camp, the success rate was higher than the failure rate. In the adult camp, only one or two entries ended up breaking, and that was probably on purpose (for the biggest failure award).

As for Peter and Chris, none of their eggs broke. Additionally, Peter got two “awards” (a dozen eggs, a ribbon, a poster, and some plastic robots each)- best free fall for his balloon monstrosity (this also got him at least two interviews) and best engineered for his glider thingy.

After winning, Peter wouldn’t call it quits yet, even though we were all famished. He submitted his balloon Humpty Dumpty and attempted to create a balloon suicide egg, which worked all too well as he broke 3 eggs in a row (he called it quits on that one at that point). Then we went over to the Mahogany Grill (free Mimosas with brunch!) before the thunder storm hit.

After lunch, we lacked the energy to go back to watch the second half of the eggdrop, even though Peter had an entry in it. Oh well, my guess is that he won that one too, but the prize is no big deal (especially since we don’t need another dozen eggs). I would have kind of liked to see it fall, though….

Pre-eggdrop festivities

Today started off earlier than a Saturday should, as Chris and I had to get up and go to the Post Office before it closed. I needed to get a PO Box (for added DNS/safety reasons, and because I am paranoid), and Chris needed to mail out a package (in his ongoing eBay quest). Then we had some time to accomplish some other errands before Peter (who doesn’t follow directions) got here.

Once Peter arrived, Chris told him about tomorrow’s eggdrop, and he immediately decided he wanted to participate. So we ran all around town so the boys could gather the raw materials needed to complete their masterpieces. Since I have more interest in observing the success or failure of their works than creating my own, I basically just tagged along and picked up some stuff for myself, like some CDs, a 100-sided die, a group of cacti, and a few random penguin chotskys.

We tried to go to Treman Park, but they had all the trails closed. Oh well, at least we got to enjoy the weather a bit in Chris‘ topless jeep… until it started raining, anyway.

After finishing those endeavors, we took Chris out for his birthday dinner and surprised him back at hom with his presents and the cheescake Peter smuggled up with him from NJ.

Now I’m chilling a bit (I just got CD’s playing on my computer- for some weird reason the DVD audio out was plugged into the AUX input on the sound card instead of the CD input- which would explain why I couldn’t get sound to play) and watching the guys struggle with their creations. Fun :)