Monthly Archives: March 2003


My artistic talent seems to have vaporized. I’m now doubting how much was there in the first place… looking through my old sketchbooks they all suck.

I know I can do better, so why don’t I?

First down….

One of my friends just got engaged. Scary!

I tried explaining the weirdness this makes me feel, but I can’t. I’m happy for her and everything, but suffice to say it’s still… curious.

Random things only geeks find interesting

I never knew you used to have to lease your phone… I have a couple old rotaries in my house with the “BELL SYSTEM PROPERTY – NOT FOR SALE” labels on the bottom. Coooooool ^_^

We used the old rotaries for as long as I can remember through the mid-90’s…. I remember having friends come over who had never even seen a rotary phone, who had no idea how to dial a number using one. Heh, I find this whole thing much more amusing than it actually is, I suppose.

Zelda: the Windwaker

Well, I got Zelda yesterday, and in the little bit I’ve been able to play it I have decided it is: overly cute, fun, annoying, cool, and weird. So, I’m a bit ambivalent about it, as you can possibly tell. I haven’t gotten that far in it yet…. but once I reach a decision on whether the game is “good” (IMHO) or not I’ll probably talk (rant vs. rave) more about it.


Well, I’ve spent pretty much the entire weekend upgrading all the software on my computer. Everything appears to be working perfectly again, save grip, which doesn’t like Gnome2. But that doesn’t matter so much anyway, because I rarely use it.

Now, I have other things to occupy myself with…. *looks at clock* but first…. sleep.


I may just be me…. but is Gtk2 really fugly in comparison to Gtk1.2?

Maybe it just takes getting used to, but all this ‘new and improved’ software seems worse than what I had before…. all except gkrellm– the new version of that is decidedly better.

For instance- the new xchat, nautilus, and gaim all have various usability issues, or just plain look much worse than their predecessors.

Meh, I suppose I’ll get used to it.

A War For Peace

So what if it’s 18 years late?

Ignorance is Strength.

Heh, it’s probably true…. afterall do I really WANT to know what’s going on?

I suppose I should occupy myself with finding a new Shordurpersav…. or upgrading Slackware.

Tis’ the season

In the spirit of this, I present a collection of images that, under the current circumstances should not be taken as anything more than an attempt at humor, and making light of an unpleasant situation.

C’mon. It’s funny. Laugh.