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Trigun…. shall be mine

Trigun Cat!…. I just bought Trigun. The whole series. Yeah, I know I prolly shouldn’t have… but I have been working a lot recently so theoretically I will have money (Of course, we all know that is theoretically impossible). And, the price was right.

I realized I like Trigun a helluva lot more than Cowboy Bebop. I like Evangelion more, too. I think Bebop is more than a little overrated….. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a damn fine series, but it’s definitely not the holy grail of anime like some people make it out to be. I just don’t have as much fun watching Bebop as I do watching other anime.

Eva 0:8 (spoilers?)

Well, just saw the last episodes of Evangelion… and I don’t think it was nearly as odd/terrible as it has been built up to be. Maybe the movies will live up to that more, heh. I mean, the thing with the Evas wasn’t surprising at all- you saw the true face of one in the first two episodes.

As for the last two episodes… I get the idea of points of view, relativity, the true self, blah blah blah, and frankly it’s nothing new. Anyone who has taken an elementary philosophy course should recognize the ideas presented by Immanuel Kant. The idea isn’t so complicated, so I don’t know why they decided to dedicate the last two episodes to explaining it.

Of course, you can take Kaoru’s words literally and pretend Shinji became some sort of God-like being and redesigned the world according to his perceptions as opposed to the more likely option of him having a mental breakdown and retreating into his own shell. That’s more interesting, and makes for more plot continuity as well. There were so many loose ends left at the end of the series…. bah. Hopefully the movies fix some of that.

Of course, I feel special for realizing Rei was a clone of Shinji’s mother at episode 15…. but I’m generally pretty good at picking up on hints like that. For instance I knew the deal with Sixth Sense the second the kid said “They don’t know that they are dead….”

And now I’m rambling more than normal… I think it’s time for bed.

FInal Fantasy 6

Am I the only person who thinks this game is highly overrated? I thought FF4 was better, actually. Maybe it’s just because I haven’t played FF6 in a while… (still have to play through the remake that I bought two years ago….) but I was revising my favorite games list (which I strive to keep to only 5), and realized I like Zelda: OoT Master Quest more than FF6.

Temporarily caught up

I finally caught up on all the stuff I had to do…. (lucky for me their servers have PHP, or my life would have been much more difficult) of course, I have to go to work again tonight. Bah.

I’ve given up on catching up on recreation- I have a pile of borrowed anime to watch, a pile of books to read, and several games that need completion. The queue has been steadily growing since the summer…. at one point I just returned a ton of the borrowed material, realizing at the current rate it was ludicrous to assume I’d ever finish.

But, last night was another SLUG meeting, so yay. ^_~

Life…. don’t talk to me about life.

Well, various shitty things have been happening as of late….. including, but not limited to:

* Indentured servitude Work…. SNAFU.
* Health…. failing.
* Cat…. being put to sleep (Pearl)
* Family…. possibly more cancer, but we won’t find out for a few days.

So, excuse me for my lack of effervescence.

I just got back from watching some of Trigun and Excel Saga… now I’m gonna finish some work I started earlier today and possibly go to sleep. Just so I can wake up again tomorrow and do other work that I don’t get paid enough for. This will repeat until eventually my body falls apart. But, say la vie. Such is life.

Mood: morose

Sick. But more pictures!

The reason I’ve been quiet the past few days is that I’ve been kinda sick. I haven’t done anything besides work (ARG) and play Zelda… so there hasn’t been much to say ^^

Oh, if you want to see more con pics, here they are, with descriptions and everything!

I’m going to North Brunswick with Bobby in a bit, so I have to go get up now (geez, I slept for like 14 hours…. I guess that’s what happens when you’re sick)

Katsucon Pictures

Yeah, a followup to my earlier post…. here are the pictures worth keeping from Katsucon. Yeah, I’m lazy when it comes to taking pictures… what more can I say?

FFAF People! – From left to right- me, Dogu, Night, Roy, and Mox. ^_^

NJians – Mike and Peter cosplaying as Lupin and Inspector Zenigata from Lupin the 3rd.

Pac-man Cosplay – Random cosplayers.

Fearsome Mech! (1) – It was BIG. Like…. 10 feet tall big.

Fearsome Mech! (2) – Another shot….. from farther away and with people in my way.

Fearsome Mech! (3) – For perspective… same guy, only sans all of the costume save the feet.

Rave – Before I discovered glowsticks being sold, I was doing the wallflower thing. I decided taking a picture beat just standing there.

I wanted to take pictures of the snow in Maryland (specifically a mailbox that was 85% buried a block from our motel) but forgot. Instead I’ll provide relevant linkage.

Escape from DC

Well, I finally got back from Katsucon. Observant readers may notice a problem with this, as I was supposed to return on Sunday and it is currently Tuesday. Well, have no fear, for I am alive and relatively well.

Well, first things first. DC was wonderful, Marvelous even. I enjoyed Katsucon and had lots of fun hanging out with my friends from FFAF. I got to try pocky (^_^), expanded my anime collection a bit (Project A-ko and FLCL #1), and got some random souvenirs (Trigun kitty plush, FLCL poster). I pretended to know how to rave, and got glomped by Roy; all was right with the world.

We should have stayed in DC. Peter and Mike decided to try and leave early on Sunday to try and beat the worst of the storm. Well, that would have been nice…. if it had worked. We got stuck in the snow several times and had to push the car out. It took us 3 hours to go 70 miles. Then Maryland closed all state-run highways, and we got trapped in Jessup, MD for two days. That’s right, folks. In the boonies. With no food save some beef jerky and some cheerios. For two days. All the places selling food were closed- with the state of emergency no one could get to work. The snow stopped in MD on Monday…. but by that time the roads still hadn’t been cleared, and the storm had moved to NJ, so we still couldn’t leave. We finally got to leave this morning.

So, we merrily begin out trek back to NJ, only to be faced with insurmountable traffic caused by accidents and such along I-95. After about a half hour we run over some debris and get a flat tire. So, Peter puts on the donut and the car gets wobbly. Now we have to call AAA and find out where we can get another tire capable of traveling at highway speeds. We finally do that, get a new tire, get lunch, etc, etc, etc. On the road. AGAIN.

Well, to make a long story short (TOO LATE)…. we left Jessup this morning around 11. I got back home around 6. That’s 7 hours for all you ladies out there. Such a trip should normally take about 3. Yeah, I am SOOO glad I ended up not driving.

I know that all the other FFAF people’s flights were delayed…. I hope their time getting home was easier than mine, overall ^^;;

And I am hereby suggesting that all future FFAF get-togethers occur in the summer. Of course, just watch we get a hurricane….

And we’re off!

Peter was right- Bobby canceled on us. And I only ended up getting about an hour of sleep. Because of this, and my lack of a navigator….. Peter is driving (originally we were going to take two cars), and has to miss out on a family affair. :-/

Well, we’re off now! I’ll hopefully be back Sunday evening. Laterz.

Katsucon Approaching

Well, I’ve done a bit of stuff in the past two days. Mainly this included a SLUG meeting (Geeks are cool. New Brunswick is open late at night. Yay), work (I must proliferate SPAM… Gack!), and Zelda (harder, but not impossible).

I have more work to do (SPAM-related… BLEARGH), but I am not doing it until Monday. Yes, I am quite opposed to SPAM… I hate getting it with a passion. But I have to be realistic, unless I go work in a video rental place again (it would pay more) every computer job I find can get is going to violate some principles. Better a little unsolicited bulk email than them owning everything I do/imagine in my spare time. Technically these people kinda/sorta oped-in…. they are all businesses in this ‘Illuminati-club-thing’, and each was given this list of emails/phone numbers/addresses for a reason. Anyway, it’s not like I’m the one actually sending the mail. And I’m putting it off so if Washington blows up while I’m in it, I can avoid doing it entirely.

I’m hanging our with the guys tonight to make final plans for Katsucon. I’ll be leaving some time tomorrow morning or afternoon, most likely. Well, whatever happens- the trip definitely won’t be boring. Wish me luck!