Monthly Archives: January 2003

It’s 4 AM, do you know where your pie is?

I have been partaking in social events as of late, and have some work to take care of (the kind that will theoretically get me a paycheck). That and the fact that I have been uber-lazy as of late have hindered my uptake of OBW….. I have some stuff I must add to that as well, but have not gotten a chance to get around to it as of yet……

I have been drawing a lot recently…. I started a new sketchbook last week and have already filled up 27 pages…… MOST of it is original stuff, too (surprise!). Unfortunately, due to a certain dead network connection the scanner in the other room has been rendered virtually inaccessible to me. Yes, I am aware that in ancient times archaic devices known as ‘floppies’ were used in the same way that modern people use FTP transfers…. but such things are tedious! I am also aware that a picture taken by a digital camera may, in some cases, be a valid subsitute for a scanned image… but that, too, is work. ^_~ Meh, I think that MOST of the stuff I have drawn recently far surpases my older (posted) pictures, but I am still hard pressed to find anything I actually feel like posting :/


Well, I started reading Orwell’s 1984, and felt the need to share something- I find it a bit scary how well it fits with current world events (or my limited perception thereof)….

The enemy of the moment always represented absolute evil, and it followed that any past or future agreement with him was impossible. …. “Who controls the past controls the future: who controls the present controls the past.”

Drivers wanted

It’s really strange, but recently I’ve found myself really enjoying driving. I know, you may not think this strange at all, but you must take into account that even a year ago I pretty much hated driving. Now I actually find long car rides fun, and traffic isn’t even as irritating as it should be. I am still a bit nervous driving places where I am not familiar, as my nightvision/depth perception still sucks, but it’s still a big difference for me.

I went to a SLUG meeting tonight… it was pretty cool. Lots of neat gadgets, including a 9-projector display doing distributed GL graphics (glxgears @ 3000×2000 @ 810 frames/second) and a possessed Tux robot. And I just love meeting cool people who are into Linux. And blue hair rocks.

Sigh, I miss college ;_;


Well, I played tons of DDR in the arcade today, and even though I haven’t touched my home version in weeks I still didn’t entirely suck at it. In fact, I was better at the arcade version than the home version…. there may be hope for me yet. Of course, seeing others playing DDR Extreme like it was nothing made me feel like a bull in a china shop at this stuff.

In other developments, Peter’s still set on cosplaying at Katsucon….. I still haven’t decided whether this is a good idea or not :-/

Stupid Dog. And art reviews ^_^

I hate my dog. He got away yet AGAIN, easily defeating my Dad’s fortifications to the fence. *sigh* When you pay for a fence, you’d think they’d leave out holes big enough for a 70 pound dog to squeeze through, wouldn’t you? Meh. I was almost hoping he’d run away, FAR away. Little bastard. We did end up catching him, but all we need is for him to go and bite someone or eat someone’s pet cat :/

Yesterday I hung out with Bobby and saw The Hours. It is not the type of movie I would have ever thought to go and see on my own, but it was cooler than I expected. I am quite fond of morbid themes :) Anyway, it was very interesting how everything in the movie was interrelated so tightly, on several different levels. Of course, now I feel like a cretin because the entire movie apparently led up to this ‘idea’ presented in the conclusion, and I have absolutely no idea what it is. I mean, we live for the hours- then we commit suicide? Running away from your life (death) so that you may truly live is a good thing? One must die so that the survivors appreciate life all the more? The movie was good, but I am not sure I know what it was driving at- or if I DO know, I don’t think I agree with it completely. But Virginia Woolf is my new hero.

After that we saw another movie about crazy people, A Beautiful Mind, which I had never seen before. That movie was enjoyable as well, and I think it was cool how at first you don’t know what is real or what is madness, it really helps you to understand what the character is going through. And the movie was ESPECIALLY cool because it had the girl from Labyrinth in a main role- she’s cool. Of course, Russell Crowe was the main actor, and I am not incredibly fond of him. Don’t get me wrong- he is good at his craft and I am not insulting his acting abilities, I just don’t see his appeal to so many people. The fact that so many girls are ga-ga over him without merit makes me dislike him….. I call it the Dave Matthews Band syndrome, because I feel the same way about them.

LinuxWorld swag

So, LinuxWorld was pretty cool. It was smaller than last year and more business-oriented, but overall it was still fun. I got some pretty cool swag, but not as much as last year- pens, pencils, flashlights, magazines, Spirit on DVD, and a t-shirt are pretty much the extent of it. I had to do some improv for HP to get Spirit, that was kinda fun. Reminded me of highschool Theatre class all over again :D

Chris and I took the bus to the city, and the train back and I am now certain that when travelling between NYC and my hometown, the bus is highly preferable to the train- it’s cheaper AND faster. The traveling would have been better if my sneakers hadn’t decided to chew up the back of my ankles (there was quite a bit of walking yesterday)- I had to start wearing my old Vans again after getting back home. As if I was being punished for going out and trying to have some fun David called while I was on the train- looks like I have more work to do :/ Oh well, it’s probably for the best because I really need money, and if this consulting thing doesn’t start paying off quickly I’m basically screwed :/

After getting back Chris and I hung out a bit and he helped troubleshoot my LAN, which spontaneously stopped working last night for the Windows computer. Now I’m wondering if this may be to blame, or whether it’s just a borken wire like we ended up theorizing (I don’t have any spare wires to swap out to test it, and I lack a crimper to make one). Chris also figured out how to fix my long-standing Compact Flash problem, turns out that the card was formatted as FAT 16 <32, whereas it needed to be plain 'ol FAT 16. A little run of efdisk set things right. I don't know WHY this problem suddenly materialized out of nowhere, because I certainly didn't change anything before, but whatever. It works now ^^ We also went out to play pool- I am quite possibly the only human on Earth capable of injury themselves whilst playing pool (I have the cuts to prove it). That’s basically it, though. Who knows when I’ll get to see Chris again :`( Today I was woken up by the quite unpleasant experience of the cat throwing up on my bed. Yep, this was about a hundred times worse than the whole ‘open bottle of water’ incident. Poor binary blanket. After cleaning that up we had to take the dog/cats into town to get rabies vaccines. Our dog was such a vicious pain in the ass that they pulled us out of the line just to get us out of there. H8 dog.

Going for a record….

Yeah…. I’m posting four times in one day. This is the most useless of them all- mostly here so I can break a record. Actually, I took this quiz, and think the results are kind of accurate…. but does saying that negate it? Eh, I don’t know!

My personality is rated 24.
What is yours?


Others see you as sensible, cautious, careful & practical. They see you as clever, gifted, or talented, but modest…Not a person who makes friends too quickly or easily, but someone who’s extremely loyal to friends you do make and who expect the same loyalty in return. Those who really get to know you realize it takes a lot to shake your trust in your friends, but equally that it takes you a long time to get over it if that trust is ever broken.


About your score…
The closer to fifty that the number is, the stronger your personality is.
The closer to zero that the number is, the weaker your personality.
The best scores to have are between 25 and 40.

So…. I’m one point below optimal. Typical ^_^

Oh, and happy news- Chris is going to try to come back tonight (providing the highways aren’t closed) so we can go to LinuxWorld tomorrow. Yay!

And then…..

Well, several hours, one new Die Hard car battery, and one 6″ sub later, all is right with the world (mostly thanks to the yummy sub). I finally made it to work around 11:30, and current projects are moving along nicely there (my hard work yesterday wasn’t for naught!). Next Thursday I am going to a lunch meeting…. I am a but unsure what the SOP for such an event is, as I have never partaken in one before. Oh well, guess I’ll play it by ear.

Now it looks like I have a few days to myself. Yay! Maybe I’ll finally have time to play my GameCube again (I haven’t so much as touched it since New Years).

Tomorrow I am hopefully going to LinuxWorld. Chris is going to try to come back from Ithaca to accompany me, but it all depends on a Microsoft class he is taking for work…. (peon) If he cannot go then I will possibly try to navigate my way into/around the city by myself…. though I dislike doing that. It’s funny…. when I lived in New Brunswick, New York was only $7 and 30 min. away…. now that I live in Bergen County it is so much harder to get there, yet geographically it is closer.