Monthly Archives: November 2002


You may have noticed that my site had quite a bit of downtime. Well, this is because I switched hosting companies. IICInternet took away my SSH access, this on top of the server time being broken again was the last straw. I switched to SurpassHosting, which offers up-to-date software, great support, and SSH access. Because IICInternet doesn’t offer you any way to manage your domain I transferred to SurpassDomains, and hence the downtime (I was unable to manage the DNS immediately). There are some problems with the new DNS/hosting that need to be tracked down still, for instance I only receive some email sent to me (If you sent me something and I haven’t replied, this may be why) and I still cannot change the contact information for my domain name, but I am confident that these things will be worked out soon. Now I get the fun task of updating PSG, because I finally have a version of PHP over 4.0.5 ^_^

My dad and I got a new floor in our kitchen, which meant living out of the living room and off of fast food for almost a week. Then we repainted (yes, after getting the floor- it wasn’t my idea ^^ ) and installed blinds all over the house. We are getting a fence, but that is taking forever.

The third webcomic I am doing, Into the Black, is due to launch tomorrow and is pretty much ready. All that is left is plugging in some data to the pages. WSI is driving me crazy. Last night, I was perfectly happy and minding my own business when I received a call from MEXICO. David had told the Infolink people that the new site was incorrectly set up, but he didn’t say how. Hector (from Mexico) and I tried to sort out what was wrong (not literally, philosophically) and eventually I set it up to David’s liking. I don’t get paid enough ^^ Actually, I haven’t gotten paid any money yet. Since this job gives me so few hours anyway, and I really need to pay off my college debt, I applied to Blockbuster yesterday (online). I have a Bachelor’s degree- do you think I am qualified? ¬_¬;;

I didn’t go to the SLUG meeting last night because we were supposed to get 6″ of snow. Well, it didn’t start until around 1 AM and we got about ½” total. Pha, the news people suck. What a waste, this is two meetings I have missed in a row.

Oh well, at least I won the lottery yesterday. No, not like that, it was just $40 (from a $2 scratch-off). I also have a working webpage again. And almost working email. And a possible job at Blockbuster (I don’t know if I should be happy for this or not….). And Chris is returning from Ithaca today. Of course, She Who Must Not Be Named will be with him, but she’ll just have to ‘put up’ with me, I guess ^^

Sonsabitches, Bumpuses!!!

Yeah, this post is mainly for Loree’s benefit, as she was interested in seeing a better picture of my own little Bumpus Hound. Well, there he is. How are things going with him? S’alright. Would be better if he would cut it out with this teenage dog “Gee, how far can I go before I get in trouble, hehe,” crap. Would be much better if he didn’t want to eat the kitties. Oh well. He is a headache-inducing pain in the wallet, but he is mine. �_�
Monster in Dog Form

He is over 50 pounds by now, and approximately 8 months old. Notice the eyes glowing with evil intent. Yes, he IS a monster.

What have I been up to? (Besides being negligent about posting here?) I recently added some features to MAS and MoMaM. Each page now has a rant section, titled The Attic and Kupo Korner, respectively. Each site is also listed on the 150 Top Webcomics site. At the time I am writing this, MAS is #33, and MoMaM is #52. I feel so proud. Be a pal- Vote for us! (everyday plz kthx)

And the third comic I am doing is called ‘Into the Black’. It will hopefully be launched before Thanksgiving.

Well, Q3A is calling, so I must be going now. Until next time (whenever that is ^^)